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Press Release

Renowned SEO Company Is Taking Their Services To Dayton

Cincinnati, Ohio based SEO company IM Consultant Services recently announced the expansion of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, which will now be available in Dayton, Ohio. IM Consultant Services is a leading SEO company in both Indianapolis and Cincinnati, ranked among the best on multiple review platforms, including Google, Yelp, and TrustPilot.

Having earned a reputation for excellence, IM Consultant Services now seeks to extend this success to a new market in the Dayton community. Local businesses looking to get started with Dayton SEO will be able to join the company as it spearheads and revolutionizes the industry in this new location.

Mike Marko, a spokesperson for the company, stated, "Through our different locations, our SEO services have helped rank over 100 companies on the first page of Google. We understand how SEO works, as much as we understand our customers and their needs. We will deliver results developed according to our clients’ needs to ensure that they get the new influx of customers that they desire."

With Google averaging over 2 trillion searches per day, the search engine has become the world’s most popular website. IM Consultant Services states that a strong internet presence is crucial, and will determine the success or failure of a company. "Today, customers mostly use the services of companies that they can find and learn about online. If you’re a business owner, regardless of your industry, it’s very likely that your potential customers rely on the Internet to find solutions to their needs. This means that businesses with a weak online presence will not receive as many customers as those that rank on the first page of local Google searches. It’s important that your business is highly visible out there, and we can help you achieve that."

As a leading SEO company, IM Consultant Services works in conjunction with business owners to help them achieve the online presence that they aspire to. Sharing the same objective, IM Consultant Services will ensure that their customers' website experiences an increase in visitors. This increased website traffic will then be leveraged to ensure the company’s success and prosperity.

The company’s Dayton SEO services rely on certain keywords to help online users find a website more easily. Marko said, "If a user searches for chiropractic services in Dayton, the search engine will display the most relevant results to the users. They will most likely choose from the top five results, with the exception of cases where they are actively looking for a specific company. This means that, if you aren't ranked on the first page, chances are that you won't get many visitors."

With the help of SEO, any given company can be rated among the top results for a given list of keywords in a search engine. This results in more traffic to the website and, therefore, more growth opportunities. However, this is only a part of the SEO services that the company provides. Marko stated that, "One should not focus solely on bringing in new traffic to a website, but rather on having a high conversion rate of visitors to customers. We focus on generating leads that will bring more potential customers, rather than just visitors, as the later will not add to business success."

The Dayton SEO company boasts an outstanding review score of 4.9/5 Stars for their other locations. One customer's review stated that, "IM Consultant Services showed us fast results. We noticed an almost immediate jump in real website visitors, customers, and even phone calls after switching from another company that had a similar budget. The team in charge is always available to answer any questions that we may have regarding this process, which we are completely new to. It truly feels like we are constantly working together to meet our common goal."

IM Consultant Services invites the Dayton community to visit their website, where they may learn more about the company’s specialized SEO services. They may also contact Mike Marko for an initial consultation, or to pursue other lines of inquiry. Furthermore, interested parties may connect with the company through their official social media pages to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.


For more information about IM Consultant Services, contact the company here:

IM Consultant Services
Mike Marko
PO Box 62451 Cincinnati, OH 45262

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