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Press Release

Maggie Flanigan Studio Introduces Reiki Classes For Actors

The Maggie Flanigan Studio is pleased to announce they will now be hosting Reiki classes for interested actors. According to the studio, this program is a, “10-week, 20-class exploration into connecting breath to experience,” taught by Laura Pensiero, a Reiki Master and Breathwork Healer. The class will begin with an opening meditation and intention setting, followed by a breathwork circle.

reiki for actors with Laura Pensiero at Maggie Flanigan Studio

Breathwork is a form of active meditation that is done lying down, and uses the breath as a way in which to bring about emotional release. “During active breathing, you will pull up and clear out stagnant energy, safely releasing emotional pain and trauma stuck in the body,” says Maggie Flanigan Studio. “This allows for deep mental clarity and encourages the letting go of addictive behaviors and limiting thought patterns. It is beneficial to actors because it moves you out of your head and into your body (an essential fundamental of the Meisner Technique), connecting you to your creativity, your intuition, and your heart. The tension around your emotional life is released, allowing emotions to flow with ease and readiness.”

Following the active breathing sessions, the class will move into a meditative Reiki session. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique which translates to universal life force energy. The technique makes use of ‘high vibration, intelligent energy’ which is meant to purify, balance, harmonize and cleanse. Reiki puts the body in a deeply relaxed state that is highly receptive to healing, working on emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The combination of emotional release and the healing energy of Reiki work together to produce transformative results in the actor’s mind—and in their body and spirit.

The classes are meant to bring about growth in the participants. As Maggie Flanigan Studio states, during this class, known as Reiki for Actors, “you will peel back and shed layers that no longer serve you, making space for your best self to shine through. This important work will allow for greater vulnerability, freedom, and ease in your acting training, providing solid groundwork for your development into a well-rounded and healthy artist.”

Pensiero is a lifelong artist, compassionate teacher, and dedicated healer. She specializes in working with actors and other artists to help them overcome their anxieties and addictive patterns that are often caused by their craft. Using a combination of Reiki, guided visualization, and breath control, Pensiero helps artists achieve a deeply relaxed state that is open to healing. She has, in the past, struggled with anxiety and addiction herself, and thus understands how important it is to address these issues and help her clients live fuller, more creative lives.

“An actor must have the ability to breathe and release into the experience,” says Maggie Flanigan Studio. “Meisner training challenges students to explore and function from all aspects of their emotional pallet. The work is very deep, and our studio is dedicated to providing students with important disciplines to sustain their health and vitality. We want to support them and provide the tools to process their work both inside and outside of their acting class.”

Pensiero’s classes have been positively reviewed by a number of clients who have worked with her previously and seen great results. Logan R., one of her clients, says, “This class is an enhancement to both movement and voice because it takes the work from those classes and expounds on it in an almost medical way. This class made my growth in my other classes a little deeper.”

Another client, Alana Fu, states, “Reiki is truly a treat. As an actor in NYC, I often neglect my emotional well-being and internal growth. I often feel emotionally drained after an intense class or rehearsal, and Reiki is where I come to rest my mind and body, and turn my intention inwards to cultivate my emotional wealth. Reiki charges and releases at the same time. Laura is as supportive and loving as a teacher can be, and she has taught me to embrace vulnerability, to welcome love and joy into my life, and to let go of tension and frustrations that I don't need. I walked out of every Reiki class feeling like a better person and artist. Thank you, Laura!”

Those seeking Reiki classes for actors can contact Charlie Sandlan at Maggie Flanigan Studio and sign up to begin their emotional, physical and mental growth today. Further information can also be found on the studio’s website and their social media platforms.


For more information about Maggie Flanigan Studio, contact the company here:

Maggie Flanigan Studio
Charlie Sandlan
(917) 789-1599
153 W 27th St #803 New York, New York 10001

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