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Press Release

Utah Disaster Specialists Provides Water Damage Cleanup In Salt Lake City Utah

Utah Disaster Specialists, headquartered in Centerville, has announced that they also offer water damage cleanup Salt Lake City Utah. The company prides itself on offering professional cleanup services for a number of issues including leaky pipes, sewage problems, and more.

Daryl Olsen, a spokesperson for the company says, “Water leaking can be caused by any number of things from burst pipes to a leaky roof or even a toilet overflowing. Finding the cause of the leak is the first thing that the homeowner must do. After that is done however, cleanup is critical.”

Olsen says that without proper cleanup after a major water leak, mold can begin to grow. The growth of mold in a home can be very dangerous and cause serious health issues, particularly in those who already have problems with breathing or allergies.

“We always urge our customers to stay calm,” says Olsen. “Nothing ever gets done by panic. Once we have been alerted of the issue, we can come in and make certain that the area is dried up and all of the risks of mold have been removed. In most cases, we can completely restore the area back to its pre-water leak condition.”

Olsen says that the first thing to do is to shut down the source of the water. If this is a leaky pipe, the main water meter may need to be turned off. For leaky pipes inside the home, the pipe itself could be turned off. He states that once a leak is determined it is critical that the water source be stopped to avoid any further damage to the home.

The second step he says, it to contact a professional water damage company who can survey the situation and advise the homeowner on what needs to be done to restore the damaged area.

“Many consumers think that they can simply plug in a Shop-Vac and remove all of the water themselves,” says Olsen. “While this is commendable, it simply is not feasible, as someone who is not experienced in water damage repair cannot possibly know how to check for underlying damage.”

Olsen says that his company has the experience and the tools and equipment that are necessary to thoroughly clean and repair an area that has been damaged by a water leak. He says that cleanup and evaluation is crucial in order to ensure that the home is safe for inhabitation. Those who have experienced a water leak will want to remain outside of the home to ensure that no electrical hazards are present that could be deadly. He adds that at the very least, one could slip and fall and cause injuries due to slick surfaces caused by the water leak.

Olsen says that anyone who has ever experienced a major water leak knows that the process for restoring the damaged area can take time. He recommends that consumers stop by the company’s website to read more about this process and what the consumer needs to do if and when a leak is ever detected; things like taking pictures for insurance purposes and other actions need to be completed by the homeowner in a somewhat timely manner.

Those who are interested in learning more can visit the company on their official website. The website offers more information about what consumers can do if they do experience a water leak, as well as information about the other cleanup and restoration services that they provide.

Those who are interested can visit the website to learn more. An online contact form is available for those who have questions or those who wish to schedule an appointment. Olsen adds that they offer emergency water cleanup services and that someone can be contacted at all times to help homeowners to deal with these issues. Direct contact information can also be found on the company’s website for those who have a water leak or who have damage from a previous leak that they want to repair.


For more information about Utah Disaster Specialists, contact the company here:

Utah Disaster Specialists
Daryl Olsen
270 West 1450 North Centerville, Utah 84014

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