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Another Positive Review For Medical Weight Loss Clinic In Dallas TX: Now Accepting New Patients

Dallas, TX based Dallas Weight Loss: Michael Cherkassky, M.D. would like to make the residents of Dallas aware of their medical weight loss program, for which they have received another review for. Using medical weight loss prescriptions, Dr. Michael Cherkassky aims to assist residents of Dallas who are trying to lose weight do so using a combination of behavior modification and prescription medicine. For more information visit the following link: Medical Weight Loss Prescriptions Dallas TX.

Dr. Cherkassky Medical Weight Loss Doctor in Dallas TX with a patient

Their most recent review, by Kimberly Hale on google maps, puts in perspective the miracles the weight loss clinic is actually able to achieve, a company can make bold statements about its results, but reviews only speak the truth, “If you’re having problems losing weight and want to get your summer time body. I definitely recommend going to see Dr. Michael Cherkassky and his staff. They were fast and friendly; also very helpful in helping me to find the best weight loss plan for me."

The weight loss clinic was established as a result of Dr. Cherkassky and his staff’s dedication to helping patients lose weight. As the clinic says on their website, “Our mission is to provide affordable and effective weight loss strategies to our patients. We believe that everyone deserves to be happy in the skin they’re in, and that’s why we make an effort to create reasonably priced monthly weight loss programs that can make a healthy weight accessible to all those who crave to lose the pounds and keep them off.”

Dr. Cherkassky and his team take a unique approach to weight loss. They believe that weight reduction doesn’t necessary involve depriving oneself of one’s favorite food, choosing instead to focus on achieving results by reducing cravings and only consuming the required amount of calories to produce adequate energy. The weight loss clinic believes that a 1200 diet is the key to healthy weight loss, and offers meal plan suggestions in addition to medical supplements like phentermine and adipex to achieve quick, yet long lasting, results.

Weight loss is, according to studies, a lot easier when the person looking to lose weight isn’t hungry all the time. The clinic’s patented craving reducing supplements are proven to help reduce cravings and thus make weight loss easier. “We want to target the root cause of weight gain and provide our patients a solution that will help them to keep the weight off once and for all,” says the clinic. “We provide detailed exams and continuous support throughout your weight loss journey so that we can better ensure that you experience great results that last. As part of our program, our patients are required to check in at our weight loss clinic once a month to ensure that they are on a healthy road to weight loss and the results they seek. If any adjustments are needed, Dr. Cherkassky will make the necessary and advisable changes to your weight loss therapy plan.”

The program makes use of hard science and behavior modification in order to achieve the best possible results. Dr. Cherkassky understands that losing weight isn’t usually a quick or easy process and that altering the way one treats food and dieting is not something that can be done overnight. The clinic provides all patients with complete medical exams and discusses their medical history in great detail in order to determine what the cause of the patient’s excessive cravings is and how best to reduce these cravings. More information regarding the clinic can be found here: Medical Weight Loss Clinic Dallas TX.

The program has seen widespread success with a number of Dallas patients. A patient named Andrew, who managed to lose 80 lbs, said, “When I came in to see the doctor, I was 279 lbs. Working out and avoiding breads and carbs was obviously not enough. I realized that none of these things worked and I needed to change. The staff has been there every step of the way. The doctor always says that, if I am feeling hungry or struggling, to call them. They will walk me through it and maybe change the program up. They are very accommodating. They are always here for me. When I am thinking about food, the Sensotherapy products help get me through these periods. With this type of support, I feel like I can do it and fight off those psychological urges.”

For a reliable, tested weight loss program in Dallas, contact Dr Cherkassky. The clinic can be located on Google Maps via the following link: Medical Weight Loss Clinic Dallas TX. Interested parties may also connect with the clinic through their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.


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