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Press Release

Gotone Coin Global Wallet – Leader of Encrypted Asset Ecowallet

Gotone Coin Global Eco Application Wallet is a new generation of intelligent blockchain wallet jointly launched by Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance (GCEA). It is based on the deep research of blockchain technology and adopts the world's leading encryption technology, aiming at creating "the most intelligent global de-centralized all-ecological application wallet focused on crypto assets", opening up the three major areas of payment, finance and application, making every effort to promote the development and take-off of the global blockchain industry, and realizing the global circulation of encrypted digital assets.

According to industry experts, the blockchain application wallet is the entrance to the "blockchain world". Integrating the application scenario of diversified digital assets, building the systematic ecosystem of blockchain wallet, and expanding the multi-dimensional products derived from blockchain, has become a new entry point in the era of "blockchain +". Gotone Coin Global Wallet solves the problems of user inconvenience in managing various digital assets, complicated exchange process, poor value transmission, and insufficient blockchain performance. It opens up three major areas: payment, finance and application. It is reported that version 2.0 will be officially launched in early June.


Gotone Coin Global Wallet has a strong background. It is jointly sponsored by the Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance (GCEA), the Coinchel Cubes Exchange of Korea, the Jeju Blockchain Global Center, Hong Kong Bilang Trading Company, Singapore LZB, Malaysia Leap Team, TKF Securities Exchange Corporation, China Zhongyun Fund and Atlas of the United States. The world's top blockchain technology institutions, exchanges, financial trading institutions, venture capitals, real businesses and top teams are strongly united to create the world's first crypto assets ecological alliance based on blockchain technology and currency shares, and to establish a new global commercial ecological economy with blockchain technology and encrypted assets as the core.

Gotone Coin Global Wallet has three core values:

1. Construct and improve the ecological platform of encrypted assets application. Relying on GCEA Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance, it has the strong support of more than 20 allied countries. It runs through six major eco-industry sectors of the alliance: digital asset exchange, blockchain industry incubation, financial investment derivation, DAPP application ecology, business service consumption, entertainment and healthy ecology.

2. Deeply build the value system of wallet, global business alliance, and global business connections. The Internet of Things (IOT) is based on six aspects of life: food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment, so as to achieve cross-border integration circulation and meet various needs of life.

3. Establish a comprehensive security system for confidential technology. Security is the basis of wallets. Gotone Coin Global Wallet is developed by the top core technology teams of China, Japan, Korea, Britain and the United States. It realizes the real decentralization of multi-currency wallets. Private keys and mnemonics can be imported into wallets. All transaction records can be queried in real time through blockchain to ensure the security of funds. 

Gotone Coin Global Wallet's Nine Functional Applications:

1. Extreme experience, compatible with multi-currency, arbitrary switching between wallets;

2. Currency Storage | Equity Token Storage;

3. exchange between cryptocurrencies, making asset realization faster and simplier.

4. OTC trading with flexible trading and free choice;

5. Micro options, cryptocurrency trading, a variety of modes to choose;

6. DAPP links the future, co-constructing ecological application of blockchain.

7. Cross-border payment, bulk transactions, global remittance, convenient and fast;

8. Intelligent contract financial management, warehouse mining and interest-bearing, protecting your rights and interests;

9. Online and offline consumption, breaking the barriers of cryptocurrency and the real world;

Tokenize the world, link the world. Gotone Coin Global Wallet will rely on GCEA Global Cryptoasset Ecology Alliance, with helping the global blockchain industry economy as its mission, and work with tens of millions of alliance members to create a new encrypted digital assets eco-economic circle. We will promote the application of online and offline payment scenarios, break through international cross-border consumer barriers, achieve international barrier-free consumption, and eventually reach a consensus with each other, share the licensing economy, and meet the new future of the licensing!

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