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Ogden Utah Company Discusses Water Damage Cleanup

The Flood Co. in Centerville, Utah, provides services to those in and around the Ogden area. The company recently discussed the importance of timeliness when it comes to Ogden Utah water damage restoration.

Daryl Olsen, a representative for the company says, “We always tell our customers to first remain calm and then to spring into action. The sooner a qualified person surveys the damage from any water issue, the better off the property owner will be.”

Olsen says that any property that has water damage should be assessed as quickly as possible, even if the property owner cannot see any extensive damage. He states that the untrained eye is often not able to see severe damage and that qualified technicians will need to quickly assess these damages in order to have a better chance at restoring property back to its pre-water damage state.

“We can’t always get all properties back to their original state,” says Olsen. “There are a number of factors that play into restoring a property from massive water damage. However, the sooner we can survey the damage, the better chance the property owner has of salvaging their property and getting it as close as possible to its original condition.”

Olsen states that while waiting for a technician to arrive, those who have water damage should do their best to ensure that the source of the water has been stopped. If pipes have burst under a home for instance, the main water supply should be shut off. This is to help stop any additional damage from incurring.

Olsen states that once the water source has been stopped, the company can survey the damage to determine how extensive it is and what needs to be done. He adds that those who are unsure of how to stop the water source may need to contact their utility company, for burst pipes, or a plumber. In the case of a leaky roof, Olsen states that the property owner needs to know who to contact to stop water from continuing to enter the home.

“We always recommend that home and business owners have a list of emergency numbers to call in these cases,” says Olsen. “That list should include a water mitigation company, as well as a plumber, any utility companies in question, and even a contractor for cases of leaking roofs. Stopping the water source may sometimes not be something that the homeowner can do and he or she needs to know who to call in these instances.”

Olsen says that once the water source has been stopped completely, he and his team can assess the damage and let the home or business owner know what specifically will need to be done in order to repair the damage. He says that in order to assess the damage, they must see it and urges those with water damage to contact them as quickly as possible so that they can begin the process. He adds that waiting just one day and leaving water standing on the property could cause even more damage that must be repaired, which is why he states they always recommend that customers contact them immediately once they have found and eliminated the source of the water damage.

Olsen adds that property owners need to fully understand how serious water damage can be. Left untreated, water damage can turn into mold, which can be very serious. Removal of mold is a much more expensive process than simply cleaning up after a water leak. Olsen says that this is why time is of the essence when dealing with water damage.

Those who have questions or who would like to learn more about the water damage repair process can visit the company on their official website. Those in need of a water damage specialist can contact the company directly through their website or by phone or email during their normal operating hours to schedule an assessment and consultation.


For more information about The Flood Co., contact the company here:

The Flood Co.
Daryl Olsen
1164 W 850 N Centerville, UT 84014

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