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Press Release

Monica Cook Salt lake City Utah Realtor Sells Homes For Money

May 23, 2019 / PRZen / SALT LAKE CITY -- Monica Cook
Utah's Best Real Estate Group

Salt Lake City Real Estate Agent Promotes Homes For Sellers To MORE Buyers For MORE Money.

As the real estate market continues to change, one local agent in the Utah market has mastered the art of "Target Marketing" to expose their properties to the most opportune buyers, thus selling them for more money.

Salt Lake City, Utah- May 21, 2019 – If you've followed the Salt Lake real estate market for a while, you've undoubtedly heard of Monica Cook as she's one of the most respected agents in town when it comes to marketing homes to sell for the most amount of money. Now, she's one-upped herself with the latest addition to her advertising arsenal with what she calls her "Target Marketing" approach.

The ancient approach she refers to of placing your home in local magazines, along with the rest of the listings that your listing brokerage has is now a thing of the past. Monica Cook has perfected an approach to Target Marketing to buyers that pay top dollar, and where she invests her own money to expose your property to the most opportune buyer based on their current interests, hobbies, family size, age and even net worth and credit score.

In today's world and real estate market, marketing is all about matching your product up to the prospects that are most likely to have an interest in it. Much like when you are at the grocery and you see that coupons print out based on the products that you always tend to buy.

When asked how this new-age approach to selling for more homes works, Monica said the following: "If a home is in a highly desirable school district, that usually comes with a little bit higher property tax base Or on the east bench of the Wasatch Front. There's no sense in marketing that home to retired couples but it's a perfect fit for a family that has a child or two of school age years. If the home has a fenced yard, we can expose it to those that have the appropriate income and also have a dog in the house. If it has a wine cellar, or on a golf course we can market to those that subscribe to Wine Connoisseur Magazine or otherwise have a wine collection, or avid golfer's and those that subscribe to the Golf Digest. This allows buyers to absolutely fall in love with the home, oftentimes meaning they'll pay a premium for something that matches their exact criteria. Essentially, we can market it as their "Dream Home" even though it would be considered "just another home for sale" to the general public. That's why oftentimes we can sell homes for more money. Using my target marketing brings those interested buyers. With the marketing data available from online and offline marketing firms, it just doesn't make sense for an agent to simply list a home on the MLS system and wait for a possible contract sometime down the road, proactive marketing needs to take place for the seller.

For local homeowners, selling your home fast and for Top dollar is our biggest priority. Utilizing an agent that understands superior marketing and exposure can potentially allow you to net a lot more money from the ultimate sale of the property.

About Monica Cook:

For more information on how this target marketing approach works and to find out how you may be able to get more from the sale of your home, contact Monica Cook at Utah's Best Real Estate Group by calling 801.792.6434 or email

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