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SEO Consultant In Northern Ireland Celebrates June Release Of New Book

Leading Results Marketing, a prominent SEO consultant in Northern Ireland, is celebrating the upcoming publication of a new book which will focus on helping business owners get more customers through word of mouth referrals.

The company has announced that their new book, titled "How to Get More Customers For Free" will be published in June. "We are very excited to make this resource available to our customers," says Adrian McGivern of Leading Results Marketing. He asserted that their book will cover one of the oldest ways of advertising known to humankind, albeit one that is often unfairly discarded or under-utilised by business owners.

Pulling from his experience in consultations with small and medium-sized businesses on their marketing strategies over the past 10 years, McGivern said that, "Small businesses love referral customers, as they are the easiest way to grow rapidly during the first few stages of a newly-founded business. Even among well-established companies, many businesses say that referrals are their main source of new customers. Still, they don't make any attempt to encourage or influence more of these referrals. They leave referrals to chance—which often leads to feast and famine for the business."

The SEO consultant in Northern Ireland states that referral marketing is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. This represents an important percentage of sales that cannot be ignored, as it can be the difference between a booming business and one presenting losses. McGivern states that, "When one asks a client to refer the business to one of their friends, it creates an expectation that the company, as well as the customer, are working together. This helps the customer get excited about your company and doing business with you. This transfers to the person that they refer to the company and results in them coming in with an open-minded approach. You want your prospective customers to come to you with a positive perspective already in mind, as that will result in making the sale much easier, therefore increasing your closing rate."

Notably, many small businesses operate on tight budgets during their first few years in the industry. "While they can't afford to waste their marketing money on tactics that don't deliver results, they oversee the most effective alternative that is right in front of them and does not cost any money," states Adrian. He continued, "Referral marketing can be managed, with an effective process, to provide your business with very low-cost leads, and it can often be a source of free business. When a customer calls a friend of theirs or a counterpart at another company to refer them to your business, it also reminds them of the things that they enjoyed about your service. This also makes them more likely to come back, and choose your company once again in the future. The simple act of recommending a company to one of their acquaintances reaffirms the value that your company offers, as well as the quality and a host of other benefits to them."

He states that while this is promising to any growth-stage business, a little effort and planning are required to carry out a successful customer referral marketing strategy. The SEO consultant in Northern Ireland has invited all interested parties to visit their website, where they can check out some other effective marketing strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), while waiting for the release of their book.

Leading Results Marketing's SEO services have a perfect review rating on the Google platform, where customers have also shared their experiences with the company. Murray Schwartz wrote, "Adrian at Leading Results Marketing helped us with our SEO to improve our ranking. We are very impressed with the advice we were given and would definitely recommend this service. Having an experienced SEO consultant on hand to provide advice and assistance helped us to achieve top rankings for our main keywords."

For more information regarding Leading Results Marketing's services, prospective clients may contact Adrian McGivern. Clients are also welcome to visit the company's website, where further contact information can be found, as well as a selection of useful resources relevant to the company's services.


For more information about Leading Results Marketing, contact the company here:

Leading Results Marketing
Adrian McGivern
127 Silverbridge Road Mullaghbawn Newry. BT35 9XZ

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