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Press Release

Santa Fe Directory Launched For Local Businesses

The Santa Fe Directory recently launched a new website to help promote local businesses in the area. Visitors to the area, and even residents, will be able to use the listings, on the Santa Fe, New Mexico based company’s website, to find hotels, inns, and many other businesses providing a variety of services that they might want to make use of.

When visiting Santa Fe, there are a lot of places to go, things to see, and activities to take part in. The city is known for its vibrant displays of art, and the variety of cultural influences to be found in many aspects of life throughout the city. Santa Fe has so much to offer, it is merely a question of finding it. While it may be possible to research hotels, restaurants, or events in the area manually, it is often simpler and more convenient to pick one off a comprehensive list. The newly launched Santa Fe directory aims to be that all-encompassing list that both visitors to the city and permanent residents can make use of to discover all that the city has to offer.

A description of the city on TripAdvisor states that visitors may, “Venture into the unspoiled beauty of 7,000-foot Rocky Mountain vistas, marvel at the contrast of ancient native culture mixed with modern arts, feast on legendary cuisine and relax in rustic sophistication. A visit to Santa Fe, Travel & Leisure's #1 Cultural Getaway, feels a lot like a visit to Europe. The Spanish Colonial charm of this historic destination has been enchanting travelers for over 400 years. And Santa Fe shows no signs of slowing down.”

While in Santa Fe, art lovers can visit the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which boasts a fantastic collection that is said to span her entire career. They may also visit the Loretto Chapel, which is known for its legendary stairs. Furthermore, history enthusiasts may look over the Palace of the Governors, which is considered a great piece of southwest history in the heart of Santa Fe's historic district. Santa Fe is also home to the Santa Fe Plaza, a public square where markets and a variety of events are known to take place.

There are a number of places to stay while in the city. Among the most highly rated of these are the Hotel Santa Fe Hacienda & Spa, the Eldorado Hotel & Spa, the Inn & Spa at Loretto, and the La Fonda on the Plaza. The city is also home to dozens of other highly rated hotels and inns, along with slightly more affordable options as well. Those looking for a place to eat will find themselves able to pick from a wide variety of five star restaurants, each offering different cuisines from one of the many cultures represented in both Santa Fe and across the world. The Pantry (which offers homey regional meals), Geronimo (which is described as an ‘elevated spot for seasonal global fare’), and Café Paqual’s (an upscale Mexican restaurant and art gallery) are just a few of the many restaurants to be enjoyed in Santa Fe. Find out more about the many accommodation options through the Santa Fe Directory at this link: Hotels and Inns Santa Fe.

The Santa Fe Directory provides a list of all the best places to go and things to see. The site offers users, be they tourists or Santa Fe residents planning a day out, an easier way to plan their day. Those who have already been to all of the most well-known locations across the city might find themselves discovering new and exciting locations through the Santa Fe Directory. In addition to this, it is also possible to find events on the site. Santa Fe, as the heart of culture in New Mexico, hosts a number of events every year that provide an opportunity to go out and have fun for both visitors and citizens alike.

When seeking a rich cultural experience in New Mexico, there is perhaps no better place to find it than Santa Fe. With its rich history and the cultural significance of the city and its many landmarks, Santa Fe is worth a visit for any history and culture enthusiast. Those looking to make the most of a trip to Santa Fe can use the Santa Fe Directory’s resources to find all the best places to visit. Users may also connect with the company through their Instagram page, where they regularly share posts on the city and its many attractions.


For more information about Santa Fe Directory, contact the company here:

Santa Fe Directory
CJ Barks
(505) 557-1716
Santa Fe New Mexico 87501

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