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Press Release

Free SEO Consultation Offered To Cincinnati Firms Looking For Specialized Services

Cincinnati, OH based IM Consultant Services (IMCS) is pleased to announce that the launch of their specialized services to help local organizations, large and small alike, to capture a wider number of search results across the entire marketing funnel.

Mike Marko, a Leading Internet Marketing Advisor with IMCS and an experienced internet business advisor, understands the influence that lead to profits on the bottom line. He said, “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a major factor in the success for any online business today. It is also a necessity for any business to get it right first time—to make the most of their budget and to turn interest into sales. I want to help our Cincinnati companies excel at this, competing locally and globally, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

To help these businesses, IM Consultant Services offers a free consultation for any business owner looking to expand their company’s reach. Understanding how local SEO can make a difference is a skill that is built up over time through experience, as well as an understanding of of how people find information. Most business owners are too busy dealing with more urgent priorities to have the time to learn and develop the skills they need to do this effectively, so key local events and opportunities are missed, time and time again.

Notably, potential customers browse the internet for help before they even shortlist companies. As customers generally cast a wide net during their searches, they could be using any combination of words on search engines (such as Google) that may not even match the ones a business self-identifies with and uses. Regardless, the results those customers see on the first page is what is considered to be most relevant. Customers may only look at the first page of 10 returns on Google, exclusively, before picking up the phone to call one of them.

For these businesses, retaining the assistance of an internet advisor like IMCS is useful in supplementing their marketing efforts. As an added benefit, IM Consultant Services understands how to exploit the ways people ask their questions on Google. The way local customers search Google changes depending on things happening every day—and that is often how viral topics get formed across the internet. Hooking into these types of trends, and keeping the business running, can take more than the time most businesses have simply because SEO is not a one off activity, it is a building activity.

As a leading SEO Cincinnati company, IM Consultant Services stands out because of their unique approach to SEO, not just because they understand that better search rankings come through authority. They understand how to help businesses promote their brand which, combined with their Pervasive PresenceTM engine, helps them appear at the top, with the kind of help response that encourages searchers to become paying customers.

Recently, KUAM News featured an article written by Marko discussing, “What is SEO and How Does It Work.” In it, he discussed the key aspects of online marketing that most business owners need to know, including factors which can affect SEO and keywords and how they are used by website developers to label content. He also highlighted how Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) can be used to improve rankings. Many business owners would benefit from many of the techniques discussed in the article, and Marko invites them to learn more by browsing the resources hosted on IMCS’ website.

Mike Marko and the team at IMCS have advised many companies, and have the proven results to back up their claims with 100+ websites ranked across multiple industries. Unlike many other marketing companies, IM Consultant Services offers month-to-month contracts, so there are no undue commitments that need to be made. Furthermore, IM Consultant Services is experienced in several industries, wielding the experience and knowledge required to help a small brand grow their company through exploiting search engine results as well as all the key social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Those looking for a Cincinnati SEO company can find contact information on the IM Consultant Services website, where they can also request a free consultation for specialized SEO services. Mike Marko and his team are always available for any business consultation.


For more information about IM Consultant Services, contact the company here:

IM Consultant Services
Mike Marko
PO Box 62451 Cincinnati, OH 45262

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