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Press Release

Tonic SEO Services: Helping Businesses Thrive and Grow Through Online Presence

Tonic SEO prides itself on putting their customers needs at the forefront of everything they do and offer specialist services to meet all business requirements. Damien Sartip-Zadeh, a co-owner of the company, explains "The services provided by Tonic SEO are set out to accommodate people who want a successful career and to offer great support for start-up businesses" he then goes on to say: "I have ran a number of successful businesses and now I feel the time is right to give something back and help others become successful."

SEO is an acronym and stands for 'Search Engine Optimisation'. It is used for marketing purposes and for the promotion of a business. SEO makes up a large percentage of the services Tonic SEO provides. The objective of SEO is to improve a website's search engine ranking (e.g. Google). Dale Sartip-Zadeh, co-business owner, explains the mechanics behind the search engine's ranking system "A website's ranking on a search engine, such as Google, is decided by certain algorithms and equations. Therefore, your website could be displayed on page one of a search engine or further down the list of results on a different page altogether. Research shows a direct correlation between website visits and search engine ranking. This means that people are more likely to visit your website if it is ranked higher on Google. Improving a website's overall ranking and position is Tonic SEO's area of expertise."

Tonic SEO also provide hosting services and website design packages. Damien tells us "Website design can be challenging and requires lots of knowhow. As part of our package, Tonic SEO's team of IT experts will provide the best web design service on the market and even offer advice and guidance to facilitate and improve your e-commerce sales." Dale Sartip-Zadeh elaborates on this: "Our website hosting service is integral to what we do. Tonic SEO uses highly secured servers with some of the fastest loading speeds available on the market today. All our servers have an internet speed of at least one GBPS per second. On average, upload speeds through our server are fifty times faster than your typical home internet provider." To give you a good idea of how fast this is, the maximum connection speed Virgin Media offer, in their best home internet package, is 350MBPS with a mere 20 MBPS upload speed. These factors are crucial to anyone thinking about starting their own website as Google tends to rank websites, with quicker loading times, higher than those that are slower to load.

It is obvious that everyone associated with Tonic SEO are passionate about what they do and want to provide the best support to all their clientele: whether they are up and coming businesses or simply those who are looking for a little bit of extra support to get the ball rolling with their business. The SEO website Tonic SEO demonstrates this on their 'Our Services' page and shows how the company strives to provide the highest level of help and support. Damien reiterates this: "We have put so much effort in to making our businesses successful. The effort has been well worth it. It is great to be making a lot of money but it's also very satisfying when you realise just how much you have accomplished by being your own boss".

Dales adds: "Damien and I own a lot of businesses, but we feel that consultancy is the area we like to work in the most. Our job satisfaction comes from having an opportunity to help other people. This is the primary reason we provide an array of services. We are keen for others to reap the rewards from working hard.

Even if you don't necessarily need a website, Tonic SEO can still provide support. The company can even design a business plan to suit your business's specific needs.

Visit today and get help with your SEO and marketing needs today.

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Phone: 07984225117
Country: United Kingdom

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