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Terry Bjelland offers practical tips on living longer and healthier in his book

Experienced microscopist, Terry Bjelland, authors health education book titled “Please, Please Listen, this is your Body Speaking,” where he details the everyday situations that affect the health

The focus of “Please, Please Listen, this is your Body Speaking” is to help readers realize the need to keep the body healthy while offering practical tips for living longer and healthier. Terry Bjelland adds an interesting twist to health education in the book as he allows the body to do the writing, consequently offering quality content that every reader can easily relate with.

It has become increasingly difficult for people to maintain true health today, due to a number of situations. However, this does not take away the importance of living healthy and while there are several resources centered on the subject of eating healthy, many of the available guides contain rather abstract content. Diet and the foods consumed as well as the medications taken, drastically affect an individual’s health and being aware of such situations can greatly improve the overall health. This is where Terry Bjelland is looking to offer a change of narrative with the launch of “Please, Please Listen, this is your Body Speaking.”

The book was influenced by the author's loss of his mother, which led to Terry finding out that his mother could have lived longer and healthier if some of the natural treatments he subsequently discovered after the death were implemented. The primary goal of the book is to help readers listen to their book and ultimately figure out ways of living healthier and happier, as opposed to providing a chunk of unnecessary and rather ineffective cures. The secondary purpose of the book is to encourage individuals to use the internet and other such resources that will provide actual paths to follow that will lead to a happier body.

Readers of the book are encouraged to be pro-active in searching for as many ways as possible to help keep their bodies healthy, starting from using the big G – Google. The internet offers a plethora of natural cures for practically all kinds of ailment. The book also suggests that readers look for good naturopathic doctors, one of which is Dr. Mercola.

The hardcover and paperback versions of “Please, Please Listen, this is your Body Speaking” are currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

About Terry Bjelland

Terry Bjelland became interested in naturopathic care of one’s body, leading to taking up training to become a microscopist. He has done more than 400 microscopy sessions until the chance that he could lose his microscope, computer and other items to the Food and Drug Administration stopped his progress. In the past five years, he had talked to people from all walks of life about health, with the list including cashiers, servers and anyone that would listen. After the conversation, several individuals suggested that he should write a book. Hence, “Please, Please Listen! This is your body speaking” is released.

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