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Press Release

Implant Centre Martinko In Trieste Celebrates Support Shown By Community

The Trieste, Italy based dental care facility Implant Centre Martinko is pleased to acknowledge the support and positive feedback that has been shown recently by their community.

The Implant Center Martinko has reached the near perfect review of 4.7 Stars on the Google Maps platform, where patients of the dental care center have shared their experiences and satisfaction with Implant Center Martinko's services. Dr. Damir Martinko, himself a dentist at the clinic, elaborated on the company's unique approach to dental care, which he said ultimately led to the community's positive response towards the company.

Dr. Martinko said, "We offer a modern set of dental practices that allows all patients to feel at ease. We are a dental care center where the fear of the dentist has become a legacy of the past, as we offer a place with a relaxing atmosphere that is designed to help us focus on our customer's comfort. Our team at the Implant Center Martinko is committed to delivering the best services possible, at the best prices in the market. Our main goal is to reduce the cases where a patient neglects the proper dental care that they need, providing the community of Trieste a dentist service that the community can rely on, and count upon to look after their best interests."

The Implant Center Martinko is best known in the Trieste community for their dental implants, and the clinic maintains a highly qualified team of experts. The dental care center stated that they offer a lifetime solution, saying, "If the patient respects the hygienic rules and follows the dental advice, our dental implants are a permanent solution—in most cases for life. A patient will only need to maintain their standard oral hygiene and go in for regular dental checks to keep their dental implants in a good state. For all these reasons, a growing number of patients are opting to replace one or more teeth with dental implants."

Implant Center Martinko's services aren't limited to dental implants, as the company offers a number of dental procedures to accommodate their patient's needs. Some of the services offered by the company include Teeth Cleaning, Teeth Whitening, Dental Curettage, and routine checks, among many other services.

Through their website, the dental care center showcases a set of reviews written by their customers on different platforms, where the patients describe their experience with Implant Center Martinko's procedures.

A review written by a resident of the Trieste community said, "Before coming to the Implant Center Martinko, I had visited a vast number of dentists in the area, all of whom gave me exorbitant prices, and I wasn't comfortable with contracting any of them for such a complicated procedure. When I came to the Implant Center Martinko, not only did they give an affordable price, I also immediately felt a lot more comfortable, as the Doctor explained thoroughly to me the procedure that had to be done. After the initial pain in the days following the procedure, I have had no further inconveniences. I would choose Martinko Implant Center over and over again, and I recommend it to everyone."

Dr. Martinko noted that the procedures used by the company are some of the most innovative in the field. He said, "To offer our patients the excellent services that they expect from us, we employ only the newest techniques in the dental medicine field, complemented by modern technologies and quality materials, all of which are tailored individually to fit each patient's needs. We're also lucky to have a professional, experienced staff that constantly updates themselves on, and follow, the trends in stomatology, enabling us to offer dental treatments that comply with the highest global standards. All of these factors, and more, have been catalysts for Martinko Implant Center's success, and we owe it to our customers to keep striving towards better service."

For further information on Martinko Implant Center's services, patients may visit the dental care center's website, where they offer a comprehensive description of the services that they offer. Interested parties may also contact Dr. Damir Martinko to learn more.


For more information about Implant Centre Martinko, contact the company here:

Implant Centre Martinko
Dr. Damir Martinko
+39 (0) 4098-35469
Via Dante Alighieri 7, Trieste 34121 Trieste TS, Italy

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