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Mike Marko Publishes a New Post Titled YouTube Video Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business

Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced the publication of his new post for business owners. He says that his article focuses on powerful tips for achieving success in YouTube video marketing. Marko says that he personally uses YouTube for his business. That’s why he can say that using it for business marketing is easier said than done.

Marko mentions that it’s a lot harder to get the attention of a target audience on YouTube nowadays. The reason for that is a high level of competition. So, to get the attention of a target audience, their standards should be met. They should also be given good reasons why they should check videos and subscribe to channels.

Marko says that in this post, he will talk about how to increase YouTube views. Additionally, he provides other video marketing tips to improve effort results on YouTube. He also alerts business owners to expect competition on this platform. That is because many competent marketers tend to use YouTube for their business marketing.

“To be successful in online video marketing, marketers should get their audience’s attention,” Marko asserts. And to be able to do that, there should be optimization of the channel. Marko continues to say that a YouTube channel should be personalized. This helps distinguish it from others and give it a strong branding element.

Marko suggests further to use the company’s logo for a profile picture so that people can recognize the business the moment they see its profile image. He says that uploading an interesting trailer for a channel should be considered. Whenever visitors visit a channel, there’s a video that automatically plays, and that’s the trailer.

He advises business owners to make short marketing videos since people appreciate bite-sized videos. With long videos, the audience may be bored and may lose their enjoyment and interest. Marko says that if marketers do not want to lose the audience’s interest, they need to just make 3-minute videos.

Marko says in his post that there are other reasons why business marketers should make only short videos. For one, it forces marketers to be concise. For another, it helps to retain the audience, and finally, it helps keep production costs down. When a video is short, the audience is also more likely to finish it since engagement is linked to the length of the video.

In addition to those, Marko further suggests to make informative videos. He encourages business owners not to waste seconds on nonsensical talking. That’s because videos only last so long, at least if readers are following his tip on making short videos instead of long ones. Also, videos should be educational, packed with information that can answer potential customers’ questions.

Marko points out that a YouTube marketing plan should have something useful for many people. It will help to get more views since informative videos get a lot more views than promotional videos. However, informative and educational videos do not guarantee success. He says that to make video marketing more effective, posting good quality videos is important. Audiences prefer to watch quality videos. And when quality videos are being posted, it means better chances of getting more subscribers.

Marko says that marketers should aim to see their videos on the front page of YouTube. Business owners may consider getting a video production company. They can help create excellent videos. However, Marko suggests to not risk a budget for this. If there’s no budget to get a video production servicing company, there’s still a chance to produce excellent content with a little creativity and deftness.

A video can also get more audience attention if it has a superb title. Marko goes on to say that superb title can make users click on and watch the video. The video title should present the video message. Make sure to limit the message to 55 characters. He says that the title should describe the real content of the video. Users prefer to watch videos with a complete title. He mentions using target keywords in the title to make it more visible too.

The call to action or CTA is the last but not least factor in successful video marketing. Marko suggests to always ask people to like and comment to videos, subscribe to the channel, and try the business.

Marko owns IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati. This company offers services to small and medium-sized businesses. They provide reputation management, website design, search engine optimization, marketing for social media, and many other services. All of these services are designed to help business owners and marketers grow their companies.

Marko affirms that his team is always available for a consultation. He says that they are ready to help business owners better understand how their businesses will experience real growth in all aspects.

Marko mentions that business owners can take a look at their “Results in Advance” program. He says that they start with a 30-60 minute free consultation where they create some strategies that will help companies grow their businesses. To avail of this offer or inquire about any of Marko’s services, business owners can go to Marko’s website and reach him there.


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