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Culpeper Air Conditioning Contractor Publishes Content on How to Lower AC Costs

Dynamic Heating and Cooling in Brandy Station, Virginia, has announced the publication of a new blog post. The HVAC company recently announced that they have published a new post regarding how consumers can lower their AC costs during the summer months.

The post can be seen at Josh Bersee, a representative for the Culpeper HVAC company says, “There are a number of ways that consumers can save on their cooling costs during the summer months. Many are simply unaware of the different things that they can do to help lower these costs.”

Bersee says that because many consumers are unaware of ways to keep cooling costs down, the company wanted to share some helpful information that may help their customers to save money during the summer months. Typically, cooling costs are less costly than heating costs for most consumers, but Bersee says that even these costs can quickly get out of hand if consumers are not actively watching certain things around their homes.

“Not only do certain things raise a cooling bill, but they may make it nearly impossible to cool the home to a comfortable temperature,” says Bersee. “These are simple things that can be done in an afternoon ad these simple things could save consumers a bundle on those summer energy costs.”

Bersee states that anyone who would like to read the complete list of tips can visit the company on their official website at He says that keeping a fan, such as a ceiling fan, on while running the AC can help to significantly cut down on heating costs. Running a fan instead of the AC can help to save on energy costs and is highly recommended for the spring months before temperatures get too high. Bersee says that running a fan even when using the AC can help to circulate the cooler air, which cools the entire home and can bring energy costs down as the system will not need to turn on and off as often.

Culpeper Air Conditioning Contractor

Bersee adds that keeping blinds and curtain closed can also help to lower temperatures in the home as this can help to block out the sunlight and heat from outdoors. When an air conditioning unit kicks off and on repeatedly, it can raise energy costs. Bersee states that keeping the indoor temperature steady and stable is as important during the summer months as it is during the winter months. He adds that there are many small things that consumers can do, such as keeping curtains closed on all windows, that can help to keep units from turning on as often, which helps consumers to save on their overall energy costs.

“Keeping thermostats set on one temperature is key,” says Bersee. “Many homeowners have multiple people living in their homes and they may toggle that switch up and down repeatedly throughout the day. This is a good way to see energy costs skyrocket. Keeping the temperature set on the same number at all times is key to lowering those costs.”

Those who are interested can read more on this and other helpful tips from the company by visiting them at Those who are interested can also visit the company online to schedule a quote for a needed service.

Dynamic Heating and Cooling serves customers in and around Culpeper, Virginia area with a full range of heating and air conditioning services including installation and repair for all heating and cooling systems. The company states that their experienced technicians can work on any make or model of unit. They also offer duct work design and building services, work on furnaces, upgrades in systems and air purifiers for residential and commercial customers.

Those who are interested can read the entire new post on ways to lower their air conditioning costs this summer on the company’s website. Those interested in scheduling a service will find contact information and a contact form on the website, as well.


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