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Press Release

From Japan, Everything Inc would like to deliver Ripple clip to the world

This clip is the breakthrough innovation of the clip, which never slips off from the papers. Everything Inc (Japan Aichi, CEO Shota AKIBA) will launch the project about the Ripple clip on kickstarter on 29th Apr, 2019.

Project URL:

What is Ripple clip?

We prevent that the clip slips off from the paper due to the changing of the clip structure. We are going to post RED and BLUE color clips which are the popular color in the questionnaire in Japan. There are many media interviews about this clip in Japan.
This is the breakthrough innovation from Hirotoshi Ishida who is the chemical engineer.

We firstly launched this project on Makuake which is in Japanese crowd funding service and it achieved about 570% higher than first assumption (a funding goal).

Now Ripple clip is available in concept stores, department stores and stationery stores in Japan.

How to order

Please visit kickstarter website, find “ripple clip” and pledge each claim you like.

Project will end on 31st May, 2019

Project name: Ripple Clip

Notes: If the funding result will be less than 100% that the product will not be sold in order to the funding system of all or nothing.

About our company

Everything is a company based in Nagoya, Japan. Our concept is “make a fire in someone’s heart”. We find some unique idea or product from over the world and try to sell these product with appropriate platform. We are going to sell ripple clip as a distributor.

Company name: E v e r y t h i n g Inc
Adrdess: 5-7-18 Yobitsugi Minamiku NAGOYA AICHI JAPAN
Establish date: 11th July 2018
Website address:
Content: Distribution, wholesale, retail.

Video Link:

Media Contact
Company Name: Everything Inc
Contact Person: SHOTA
Email: Send Email
Phone: +81 90 57631395
Address:5-7-18, Yobitsugi Minamiku
State: AICHI
Country: Japan

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