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Hard Drive Recovery Group Talks Data Recovery And Windows 10 In Its Latest Blogs

Continuing its informative series of blogs surrounding hard drive technology and operating systems, including MacOS, Hard Drive Recovery Group discusses the popularity of Microsoft Corporation's Windows 10, easily the dominant OS when it comes to PCs.

"It's really an amazing situation that PCs continue to use Microsoft Windows so long after the OS really made its debut in 1985," said Maureen Davies, spokesperson for Hard Drive Recovery Group. "There have certainly been a ton of hiccups along the way, but despite some slight moves by Google's Chrome and Android, we're still talking about the absolutely most dominant OS that the world has ever seen."

While Android did gain the majority market share for Operating Systems in 2014, the key focus of that OS tends to be smartphones and tablets. Windows did fail to provide a solid competitor for these mobile devices, as so called Windows Phones sold incredibly poorly. Still, when it comes to PCs of almost any kind, Windows remains the default choice for most users.

"Certainly one of the more critical reasons why Windows managed to save its market share is undoubtedly because they simply gave it away when it came out as a free upgrade if you already had a Windows based system," said Davies. "For businesses in general, 'rocking the boat' when it comes to computing is a major no-no, and of course Windows 10 provides continuity for companies."

As noted in the post, entitled Windows 10 Domination, another one of the major considerations for most users is that the most popular previous iteration of the OS, Windows 7, has had support discontinued by Microsoft, which sadly makes it a risky proposition for most users.

"Like it or not, there are hackers, and there is malware and viruses no matter where you look thanks to email and the Internet," said Davies. "Windows 10 is by far the best in terms of security in the series, and because Microsoft is heavily focused on supporting it, it's a solid investment."

An additional feature that has just been revealed is that an app called "Your Phone", which has been created to allow users to access an Android phone directly from a Windows computer, a boon for users that need semi-seamless access to data on their smart phones.

"The Smart Phone is easily the most used device for both business and personal use, but there has always been an issue when it comes to making them talk to PCs," said Davies. "Microsoft offers what looks to be an excellent starter product that hopefully they can expand upon in the years to come."

In another post, entitled The Power Of Data Recovery, Hard Drive Recovery Group addresses the ubiquity of data in today's world - something that has created new markets for companies that can provide solid data management solutions.

"Today's larger organization can have access to thousands and thousands of terabytes of data in their day to day, with each type of data critical to their mission often in a differing way," said Davies. "Managing this data requires expert planning, and applications that weren't available a mere ten years ago. Developers are taking notice."

The article also addresses one of the largest killers of data in the consumer space - namely do-it-yourselfers that assume that lost data can be easily recovered by either data recovery software, or by removing the drive and then following instructions provided by random Youtubers.

"After YouTube started getting really popular, the do-it-yourself crowd started calling us at a rate that really hadn't been seen before," said Davies. "The unfortunate part about this is that many DIYers tend to actually destroy their lost data while trying to recover it, which means we can't provide a data recovery service, and they won't be seeing their data again."

Davies stresses that high quality data recovery service companies will almost always offer a free evaluation either in person or by phone, which means there is rarely a need to pull out a screwdriver or attempt to source drive parts from manufacturers.

"If you love your data, give a hard drive recovery company a call," said Davies. "You'll be much happier that you did."


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