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Mother-Son duo determined to equip children with essential life skills come up with brand new book series called Mental Toughness for Kids

The Mental Toughness for Kids book series aims to provide content targeted specifically at young children to help them cope with challenges that will prepare a league of future sports stars, entrepreneurs and business leaders. The first book of the series, ‘How To Win Wimbledon in Pajamas’ was launched on Kickstarter with the funding goal of $5000.

Written by Kobe and Mary Nhin, the book focuses on encouraging young children to battle inconveniences by providing tips and ideas to persevere through pressure and bouts of nervousness, bringing out the true potential and confidence in all their readers. The book is designed to be child-friendly with an easy to read layout, conversational use of language, and intriguing illustrations by the talented kids’ book illustrator, Milenia Salieri.

The author, Kobe Nhin, is not just a regular eighth grader but also a tennis player and, thus, acknowledges the need for the right kind of guidance that children of his age group and younger require to balance the many activities and competition that they are exposed to against the physical and emotional demands of the same. In collaboration with his mother, he came up with this book series which guides children and trains their minds to not be overwhelmed by the steps they take towards sculpting their future. Instead, Kobe and Mary Nhin aim to teach children how to project the gravity of great and overwhelming events such as the Wimbledon against the metaphorical ease and relative comfort of their favorite pair of ‘pajamas’.

In 32 pages the first book of the series, ‘How To Win Wimbledon in Pajamas’ offers to teach children the value of skills such as grit, focus, self-confidence, perseverance, and maintaining a healthy work ethic through a relatable protagonist who comically claims to have won the Wimbledon, as the title suggests, in his pajamas. The character is certain to establish a healthy connection with young readers and will definitely toughen them up for future challenges, fulfilling the motive of the series. The author is already working on the next couple of books in the series named ‘How to Win the World Cup in Pajamas and How to Win the Masters Barefoot’.

‘How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas’ has already been raking in strong, positive reviews from commendable sources such as Craig Webster, German national coach and Steffi Graff’s coach, who calls it a “magical book that encourages kids to pursue their dreams”and Dave Mullins, Mental Performance Coach and former NCAA Division 1 Tennis Coach, who thinks of it to be “the foundation for everything that we experience in this world. This book exposes children to the mental skills they should consider to perform at their best on and off the tennis court.”

The Mental Toughness for Kids book series is a great initiative in the world of children’s literature that encourages child empowerment without weighing down the motive under the complexities of language and form. More information on the series and the rewards available for backers is available on their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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