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Press Release

Patients On Demand Release Insights From Healthcare Marketing Survey

Akron, OH based is pleased to announce the release of their latest Healthcare Marketing Survey, which provides insight into how professionals in any health related field can fulfill demands from customers for life enhancing services and products. “Helping healthcare professionals understand how to leverage customer insights for their particular niche helps everyone lead more fulfilling, healthier lives,” said Roger Bryan, Founder of Patients On Demand.

More and more patients are turning towards personalized healthcare to demand tailored medical care to address their specific needs. This in turn drives the need for healthcare marketing to address more competition and to outstrip competitors by interpreting the wealth of customer information available—to make sense of how to provide complimentary services in their niche.

Understanding customers is a key purpose behind every data-driven healthcare marketing strategy. Though it is not rocket science, figuring out how to optimize investment and time to produce bottom line results through improved patient flow is key to ensuring success in healthcare marketing.

Healthcare professionals who embrace this more entrepreneurial aspect have two choices: whether to do it themselves / divert other in-house resources to take on additional responsibilities, or hire a firm with experience to assist. For those who look to an outside firm’s expertise, a key challenge lies in finding a firm with insights into their niche, rather than a simple ‘scattergun’ approach to healthcare marketing, such as would be initiated by the average agency.

Patients On Demand’s AI-powered Local Marketing platform is powered by Enfusen, which has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 10 tools entrepreneurs can use to automate their business. Their free Healthcare Case Study highlights how Patients on Demand Healthcare marketing Survey professions can improve patient flow through implementing seven healthcare marketing hacks. “The results speak for themselves; from an increase of 767% increase in appointments from organic searches for a Washing DC hospital with over 900 beds, to a regional healthcare network with over 6,000 providers getting a 2,300% increase in Doctor Profiles ranked on Google’s page one returns,” affirmed Roger Bryan.

Their ‘secret weapon,’ Albert, is an AI—a focused marketing super computer which can analyze a marketing campaign against over 54,000 different market strategies in under an hour. The recommendations produced by Albert highlight how healthcare marketers can optimize which campaign strategies to implement as well as how to implement them. Any healthcare marketing professional interested in seeing this system in action can request a demo from Patients On Demand.

Healthcare Marketing professionals will understand the importance of ranking on page one of search results, given that most consumers usually click through at least one link on that all-important first page from their search results. With 10 items as the default setting, it takes skills, not luck, to get there and stay there. Getting access to Patients On Demand’s Data Studio, which analyzes over 56,000 data points each month, can help healthcare professionals create a strategy to increase both ranking as well as the all-important conversion rates.

For those who need Full Service campaigns to drive preferred appointments for their healthcare professionals and doctors, Patients on Demand focuses on leveraging competitive research to develop the exact strategy to outrank and out-convert the competition—this creates a faster turnaround time for greater visibility and a greater Return On Investment (ROI). As the market for personalized healthcare continues to innovate and mature, opportunities to capture and create loyalty mean that healthcare marketing professionals will need to continue to stay abreast of the latest developments.

To help healthcare marketing professionals learn and develop new skills, Patients On Demand provides comprehensive 360-degree learning on all aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, alongside techniques specifically designed for Enterprise Healthcare Organizations and more. Ongoing healthcare marketing training programs complement the Data Studio, as well as the Full Service campaigns, to help raise levels of understanding and expertise.

Anyone interested in learning more about the company may contact Roger Bryan of Patients On Demand. Those who wish to download the Healthcare Case Study can do so through the company’s website at, where they can also request a demonstration by clicking here.


For more information about Patients On Demand, contact the company here:

Patients On Demand
Roger Bryan
526 S Main St Suite 824 Akron, OH 44311

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