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Euphoria – and other things, a Fantasy Novel by Melissa Bentley – a Book Everyone will Enjoy Reading

Euphoria - and other things, a Fantasy Novel by Melissa Bentley - a Book Everyone will Enjoy Reading

Cobb, CA - April 10, 2019 - Fantasy is something everyone might have had at any point of his/ her life. Call it wishful thinking, but it’s always nice to have a fantasy to escape the unfavorable or undesirable realities of life. That is why the fiction, be it in the form of books or movies is so appealing – it helps people have momentary peace, fulfillment, and excitement by the “what ifs?” Euphoria – and other things is a fantasy novel penned by Melissa Bentley. The book is characterized by a general fantasy theme suitable for everyone and has characters, both for children, and adults. The book is now available in major online bookstores.

Euphoria – and other things has its story based on the age-old concept of the predicament between good and evil – Melissa Bentley, however, has put innocence in the middle of this conflict. Involving delusion and self-delusion as well as ego and being self-centered, the two characters of Euphoria – and other things, Wing and Splendor, have a tug-of-war going on. At one point, both Wing and Splendor relinquish and go their separate ways. At the end, Wing finds the climax and the message of this short fantasy novel.

Melissa Bentley self-published Euphoria – and other things through Trafford Publishing. The second time around, Euphoria – and other things came into being through Toplink Publishing. By providing an outlet to escape from reality with characters who are very much readable, Euphoria – and other things also contains other short stories and writings.

The little novel is not convoluted or complicated – the characters are kept minimal, the plot, simple and not very far from being corporeal. Hence, this fantasy novel by Melissa Bentley is very easy to read. As far as authorship goes, Melissa Bentley had been cautious in ensuring that her novel strikes the right chord with readers from every possible level and age. CC Cummings is Ms. Bentley’s author influence, and her favorite quote is, “You can do anything you want as long as you work hard at it.”

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About the author

Melissa Bentley, MA in Clinical Psychology, has spent her years since the late 1960s until now, searching for a meaning to life and existence. She grew up in a small Mid-western town, left home at eighteen to attend an out-of-state university primarily because she wanted to escape her restricted family home-life. She fell under the influence of several-not-so good characters, reminiscent of Splendor in this fantasy novel. However, much like Wing, Melissa survived by finding her strength and power in a supreme being, a higher power in this little novel.



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