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Press Release

New Partnership In Heating And Air Conditioning Services In St Catharines Announced

Bulldog Heating & Cooling St Catharines, based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, has announced that it has partnered with Mr Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning to provide full service heating and air conditioning services in the St Catharines, Niagara Falls area. Bulldog Heating & Cooling is a group of HVAC companies serving more than 280 towns and cities across Canada. Both Bulldog Heating & Cooling and Mr Furnace Heating and Air Conditioning provide 24/7 heating and cooling services in St Catharines. More information about the services offered by Bulldog Heating & Cooling can be gleaned at

Bob Bies, spokesperson for Bulldog Heating & Cooling St Catharines, says, “We’re very happy to announce our partnership with Mr Furnace. This means we will be better able to serve the heating and cooling needs of St Catharines and nearby areas. HVAC units can encounter problems from time to time, so you need an expert in air conditioner repair in St. Catharines, ON, who you can readily contact. The buildup of dirt on the condenser coil placed outside and caked on grime can push the system to work harder and waste a lot of energy. We stand out from the rest of the HVAC companies in the area because we always give our full commitment every time a customer reaches out for a service call.”

Knowing that problems with heating and cooling systems can occur at any time, Bulldog Heating & Cooling offers 24/7 emergency heating and cooling services. Their heating and cooling contractors are always ready to go to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the event that an HVAC system suddenly breaks down. Those who may want to know the location of their offices can visit their Google Maps page at

According to Bob Bies, Bulldog Heating & Cooling has developed a reputation of providing one of the best HVAC installation or repair service. They have also made sure that all of their partners have a similar reputation. They offer installation, maintenance and repair services for furnace and heating, air conditioners, and HVAC systems.

The services that they provide are for HVAC systems, air conditioners, boilers, ductless mini split systems, furnace repair, and heat pumps. Their HVAC technicians are able to accurately diagnose the issue with a particular HVAC unit and perform maintenance or repairs before the unit completely breaks down. They will also be able to say when replacement of the HVAC unit is already needed. The company’s certified and licensed technicians are capable of installing and maintaining all types and makes of HVAC units.

Meanwhile, Bulldog Heating & Cooling also services boilers, which are heating devices used for a range of purposes, but mostly for radiating heat in a room. Boilers are also used to heat water for the hot water requirements of a home. The company’s experts are capable of providing efficient boiler installation, maintenance, and repair services.

The HVAC company can also service ductless mini split air conditioners. First of all, they are ready to install a new ductless mini split AC and provide services for its maintenance and repair. The company’s teams of experts have the knowledge, skills and experience for such type of air conditioning units. Meanwhile, the mini split system can also be used as a heat pump. The company has specialists who can instruct property owners on how to to use this system to cool or heat a room, depending on the current needs of the property.

For furnaces, Bulldog Heating & Cooling has a team of professionals for furnace repair. Bob Bies advises homeowners and property owners to have their furnaces checked even before the cold season starts to ensure that these will be working properly and will not malfunction when heating is needed.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by Bulldog Heating & Cooling can visit their website at or contact them on the phone or via email.


For more information about Bulldog Heating & Cooling St Catharines, contact the company here:

Bulldog Heating & Cooling St Catharines
Bob Bies
(289) 768-8391
164 Welland Ave, St Catharines, Ontario L2R 2N6

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