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Press Release, Advertising PaaS to Revolutionize CSR & Cause Marketing, Advertising PaaS to Revolutionize CSR & Cause Marketing
App leverages corporate responsibility and user engagement to raise money for nonprofits

Seattle, WA - April 4th, 2019 - Humanity’s experiment in social media has proven that companies will pay to get their message in front of users, nonprofits rely on users sharing their messages, and users like to share what matters to them – especially when they get perks to do it.

WeThinkItMatters® takes those three fundamental truths and leverages them to create a cause-integrated app where people get perks to take part in corporate sponsored cause marketing campaigns that highlight nonprofits and generates funding for the cause. Companies pay to get WeThinkItMatters® campaigns out there, people vote and get rewards, and nonprofits receive a large portion of the advertising investment made by the company sponsoring the campaign.

“People love to help nonprofits raise money, but many of them don’t have the extra money to do that as often as they would like,” says the Founder of, “With our platform, people receive reward Tokens that can be used for prizes, and chances to win cash for sharing these cause-integrated messages, corporations get great exposure for their socially responsible messages, and nonprofits get the funding they need to do great things. Everybody wins.” is a responsive web app that works on all devices and allows people to raise funding for what matters to them with just a the tap of their finger, and earn rewards and have a chance to win cash prizes. Nonprofits get access to the platform for free, can share their mission, and receive funding from inviting people to join, and through being involved in WeThinkItMatters® campaigns. The money for the prizes and funding comes from businesses sponsoring campaigns, offering them a great way to promote their corporate social responsibility efforts.

“60% of every dollar businesses spend advertising on WeThinkItMatters® goes to nonprofits, and 10% goes to members voting in the campaigns,” says Boone Bergsma. “Research shows that people make purchasing decisions based on how responsible they think businesses are using their resources. We think that spending advertising dollars on AD campaigns that benefit nonprofits and consumers directly is a pretty compelling argument.”

WeThinkItMatters Inc. has completed ALTS Capital online accelerator April 1st, and is now working with ALTS Capital to promote WTIM for a impact investment seed round. will be kicking the round off at ALTS Capital's April 30th Conference in Beverly Hills. Proceeds for the round will be used to fully develop, hire key team members, and bring the advertising PaaS to the marketplace.

The Founder is also be attending SVOD2019 May 15th & 16th to share with investors about the impact investing round. The 15th annualSVOD or Silicon Valley Open Doors is a leading technology investment conference that focuses on Impact Through High-Tech Entrepreneurship.

And April 17th two team members from WeThinkItMatters Inc. will be attending a CSR-focused event in San Francisco. CSR 5.0 is a leading conference on Corporate Social Responsibility presented by Skytop Strategies. The team members of will have a opportunity to educate attendees on the benefits offers for all stakeholders, and share how businesses can improve their margins by investing in corporate responsibility by advertising on WeThinkItMatters®.

Boone Bergsma, founder of is available for interviews regarding the upcoming launch of the WeThinkItMatters® platform, and questions and interest relating to taking part in the impact investment seed round. To schedule an interview or meeting, contact Boone at


Share stories. Save the world. Win prizes. That is the core concept of WeThinkItMatters®, a member-owned and operated company producing marketing campaigns with positive storytelling and life-changing impact. With a tap of a finger, users can raise money and awareness for nonprofits by voting for nonprofits to receive funding from WeThinkItMatters® campaigns. Corporations pay to share their uplifting messages of corporate responsibility to those members, which provides the funds for these campaigns and allow users to win prizes for their participation.

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