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Press Release

Plumbers Edmonton Expands Services To Stony Plain

Plumbers Edmonton is proud to announce that they will now begin servicing homes in the Stony Plain area 35 minutes west of Edmonton. In order to service Stony Plain, Plumbers Edmonton has added one new vehicle to its fleet of 15. Each vehicle is fully stocked to minimize visits to the shop, which decreases the cost in both money and time for clients. The expansion comes as a result of Plumbers Edmonton’s recent partnership with Capital Plumbing & Heating, another company providing plumbing services in Alberta in addition to HVAC repair and maintenance. More information regarding the partnership can be found at

The partnership has allowed Plumbers Edmonton to expand the range of services they offer as well as the area they provide service in. In addition to their plumbing repertoire, the partnership has allowed the company to begin offering heating, air conditioning, and other HVAC related services. Together, the two companies aim to take their already high standards of service even higher, and extend their reach even further than before.

“Plumbers Edmonton is dedicated to providing prompt and reliable plumbing and HVAC services. We have courteous personnel and live operators to help you, and our trained, experienced, and uniformed technicians are capable of providing high quality services. Furthermore, we have flexible pricing and repair options, and provide our customers with a workmanship and parts guarantee as well,” says Lief Simons of Plumbers Edmonton. The company’s expertise, commitment, and experience are now at the disposal of the people of Stony Plain.

In addition to providing repair and installation services, the company also strives to keep clients informed, and teaches them how to avoid needing repairs in the first place. On their tumblr blog, found at, Plumbers Edmonton posts regularly about how to deal with minor plumbing problems without having to call an expert. In a post titled ‘How to Avoid Clogged Drains in Your Home’ readers are given a few tips on how to avoid clogged drains, an issue which can be a huge inconvenience to a family. Blocked shower drains make it impossible to get ready for school, while clogged kitchen sinks make it impossible to prepare food or wash dirty dishes. The post goes into detail on how to avoid bringing substances or items that can clog drains anywhere near a drain to avoid clogging in both the kitchen and bathroom.

The Tumblr page also includes a post titled ‘Home Air Conditioning-Size Matters.’ Rising temperatures create both the need and desire for a cooling system. Eight to nine million air conditioning units were shipped for sale in 2017, a number that keeps rising, and according to Energy Star, roughly thirteen percent of a household’s utility bill is spent on cooling systems. For this reason, it is necessary to know the basics when choosing the best option for a home. Plumbers Edmonton’s post goes into detail on how to choose the best cooling system for any home.

In case the information they provide to clients doesn’t stop plumbing or air conditioning systems breaking down, Plumbers Edmonton is ready and willing to visit homes in the Alberta area themselves to provide both emergency repairs and routine maintenance services. The company specializes in addressing all types of plumbing related problems, including faulty water heaters, frozen pipes, dripping faucets, boiler repairs, clogged pipes, low water pressure, and leaking toilets. In addition, their partnership with Capital Plumbing & Heating allows the company to provide emergency and routine HVAC services as well as repair and installation of furnaces and air conditioning units.

The company’s services have been well received, with Michael Sather stating in a Facebook review, “Probably one of the best plumbers out there. I called in the middle of the night due to leaking pipes, someone was there right away to fix it. They fixed it quickly. I was very satisfied with the work. Plus, they are just so friendly. Thank you again.”

For a reliable plumbing service, now also available in Stony Plain, contact Lief Simons of Plumbers Edmonton today. For more details regarding the company’s new partnership with Capital Plumbing, visit


For more information about Plumbers Edmonton, contact the company here:

Plumbers Edmonton
Lief Simons
#504, 10654 82nd Avenue Edmonton, AB T6E 2A7

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