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Sharon Lombardi Creates Instagram Fitness Programs For Busy Individuals

Sharon Lombardi, an Ace Certified Trainer since 2012, recently launched her new health and wellness website where she offers personalized online fitness programs that include flexible workout plans, healthy recipes, and habit transformation guides.

As noted on her fitness website, Lombardi offers three different programs: namely Starter, Determined, and Relentless. Each program lasts for 8 weeks and can be customized depending on the client’s specific needs.

Starter is tailored to be a flexible program where participants will receive weekly workout plans along with videos to help them get started on their goals. The program allows them to choose whether to complete the workout all at once or throughout the day and, most importantly, it requires no equipment.

The Determined Program includes everything in the Starter Program, but adds personalized recipes and habit transformation guides each week. It aims to address the root of the problem by helping the participant develop healthier habits that provide longer-lasting effects.

Lastly, the Relentless Program is designed for persistent individuals who are looking for more noticeable results. The program includes both Starter and Determined fitness plans, with weekly accountability calls that allow the participant to ask personal questions and talk more in-depth with a certified personal trainer.

“From our flexible workout plans to our habit transformation guides, our aim is to find a program that is right for you and your lifestyle,” says Sharon Lombardi. She explains that instead of focusing on temporary and fast results, their programs are designed to provide long term solutions because they aim to transform habits, instead of using restrictive diets and time-consuming workout methods. The programs also focus on mindful eating techniques that help make eating healthy a lifestyle habit, as well as helping each person develop self-control and discipline. Furthermore, Lombardi explains that the programs are specially created for individuals who need a flexible program tailored to them. These include workers, students, stay at home parents who may not be able to get to a gym, and those who have already tried various weight loss programs but failed to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, Lombardi notes that one of the most difficult parts of working out is finding time to do so, especially for busy individuals who are working or studying. However, she asserts that the lack of time is not a valid reason because there are a number of ways to do a simple school or office workout. Many people fail to achieve their fitness goals because they think that going to the gym and spending long hours working out is the only way to get fit. However, the most effective fitness program is not just about working out, but also having a balanced diet plan as well as following an effective habit transformation plan.

Those looking for effective and flexible fitness programs may reach out to Sharon Lombardi by visiting her website. She says that her aim is to help her clients not only reach their fitness goals but also help them to improve their overall health. Her dedication to providing quality services is showcased by a number of positive reviews and recommendations from many of her previous clients.

Roxy H., one of her satisfied clients said, “I love Sharon. I have been training under her, and I can totally see a significant difference in my figure and body weight. All the workout sessions are well-tailored and she developed a meal plan that is suitable for my needs. She also helps to remind me of my goals and teaches me values such as persistence and self-discipline. I highly recommend her as a fitness trainer.”

Kyrie K., another satisfied client, said, “I loved working with Sharon. I think what I enjoyed most was her willingness to meet you where you were fitness wise. She was supportive, yet still challenged you to become a better version of yourself. Her workouts are well-designed and she helped me to develop a sense of accountability.”

More information can be found on Sharon Lombardi’s website. The personal trainer also publishes useful information and videos on her official social media pages on Facebook and YouTube. Furthermore, interested parties may follow Sharon on IG to learn more about her personal training programs and fitness related services.


For more information about Sharon Lombardi Fitness, contact the company here:

Sharon Lombardi Fitness
Sharon Lombardi
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