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Press Release

Award Winning Concrete Contractor In Perth Guarantees Work

Concept Concrete WA, an award winning concrete contractor in Perth, Western Australia, has announced that they offer a guarantee that their work will comply with the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. Furthermore, they ensure that the rates are competitive for quality craftsmanship and that they will offer a comprehensive but free onsite quotation so that property owners are assured that they will not be surprised with mysterious fees or hidden charges.

Sam, a spokesperson for Concept Concrete WA, says, “Concept Concrete WA delivers professional and dependable concreting services with a licensed and insured concreter in Perth. No job is too big or small! We are one of the leading companies in the domestic and residential concreting space. We undertake big and small projects for various establishments across Perth, and provide excellent services for all aspects of concrete works. There is no need to worry because our work is guaranteed to comply with the highest standards.”

One of the company’s well known services is domestic concreting. They have a team of experts who will take care of home concreting and renovations. They will take care of everything from the consultation, to the design and then the planning stage, up to the finishing touches. They also provide a wide range of choices for colours, styles, and finishes. They offer various concreting solutions for the home or for constructing a concrete driveway in Perth and neighbouring areas. These concreting services are for concrete house slabs; home extensions; split level concrete; porches and entrance ways; concrete slab floors and foundations; driveways, pathways and walkways; and more.

This concrete contractor Perth service provider offers various concrete services. These include the concrete footing, concrete piles, concrete driveways, concrete formwork, concrete garages and sheds, concrete pumping, and concrete extensions.

The concrete footing is a vital part of the concrete foundation. Its role is to evenly distribute the weight of the building across an area, and to avoid the situation where the structure sinks into the ground unevenly. With concrete footing, it is possible to erect a building on most terrains, even if there is a slope and/or the soil is soft. Quality construction of the concrete footing is essential because if it fails to do its job of preventing the structure from sinking unevenly, cracks can develop in the columns and walls of the building. This will mean expensive repairs and even danger to those who are living in the building.

Concrete piles provide solid foundation support for large superstructures like a high-rise skyscraper or a shopping complex. These are designed to carry very heavy loads and should be able to support the building’s weight on their own if the soil is too weak. The concrete piles transfer the loads to deeper soil layers that are able to hold up the weight of the building. Construction piles are long columns that are often constructed from steel, wood or concrete and are pushed deep into the ground to serve as foundational support. In contrast to concrete footings, concrete piles need to handle a much heavier load and are commonly found in commercial structures like multi-storey buildings and condominiums. Concrete piles are often preferred to steel piles not just because they are very sturdy and can handle very heavy loads. The are also less susceptible to corrosion and are therefore used for sites with corrosive soil. Concrete piles may also be more efficient and more cost-effective than other materials.

Meanwhile, concrete formwork is one of the most important components of a safe and well-constructed building. The formwork is a mould that is often temporary in nature where concrete is poured into in order to get the desired size and shape of particular structures. It is used to allow wet concrete to dry into a certain shape and dimensions until the concrete has dried and is strong enough to support itself.

Those who want to know more about the services provided by Concept Concrete WA and any developments related to the company and its services can check out their media room or the company website.


For more information about Concept Concrete WA, contact the company here:

Concept Concrete WA
0407 073 040
74 Stirling St Perth WA 6000 Australia

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