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Press Release

New Indiegogo campaign introduces a revolutionary digital book app to make history learning inspiring and impactful

History Adventures is an innovative digital history book app that combines advanced mobile technology with powerful storytelling to ensure an inspiring and game-changing history learning experience.

A new Indiegogo campaign has launched a futuristic digital history book app that will take history learning beyond the traditional long, daunting textual paragraphs and present a more immersive digital learning experience. Titled “History Adventures," the app assures a breakthrough learning experience, crafted today's students.

The Indiegogo campaign is geared to raise around $50,000 by the first quarter of May 2019.

History Adventures is designed to inspire student fascination for the past with a revolutionary approach that combines cutting-edge mobile entertainment with a powerful narrative design. The man behind the next-gen app is Spencer Striker, a Ph.D. in Digital Media and currently a leading faculty in the Digital Media Department of American University, Dubai. Dr. Striker has amassed an esteemed international team of historians, artists, animators, and designers to create a game-changing and truly impactful history learning experience through the new app.

“The conventional approach to history learning is not effective in the modern age. Traditional history books tend to bore students with lists of random irrelevant facts and dates that kill their enthusiasm to know about our past. This is where History Adventures come to the rescue”, stated Dr. Spencer Striker.

As per his words, History Adventures assures a fully enhanced history learning experience for next-gen students through 3-star ideas-

  • A fresh approach to history learning - Inspired by the pathbreaking work of the International Big History Association, the app introduces an innovative approach to history curriculum which is interdisciplinary & epic in scope

  • Advanced mobile entertainment design - The app is amped up with state of the art mobile entertainment design including cinematics, motion fx, animation, sound fx as well as original music

  • Powerful storytelling - The app is layered by innovative narrativization of life stories of people from the past, encompassing various epochs and locations across the world. The narrative approach will transcend students to the yesteryears so that they can feel the “excitement & drama” of the lives lived in the past.  In fact, these narrations will also shed light on the origination of certain concepts or ideas existing today that had their roots in the bygone days. These interconnections will help us to understand our own moment in time

“History Adventures will let students experience the ‘real’ moments of ‘real’ people who lived in the past. It’s designed to create an immersive ambiance where students will feel they have gone back to the bygone eras and experiencing the past first-hand. We are now looking forward to including 5 chapters in the app and thus this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our project to life and make history learning genuinely engaging.”

Interestingly, History Adventures does not talk about famous people. Instead, it focuses on the extraordinary tales of ordinary people from the past. These include the stories of an ancient Greek doctor who pioneered modern medical inquiry, a 16th-century Spanish conquistador suffering hallucinations from tropical fever and so on.

The free demo of the app has already met with immense success among young students. They have reported experiencing the same amusement as they would with a mobile entertainment app. Moreover, their post-test answers to pertinent history questions have shown enhanced retention. 

Backers will be rewarded with the great opportunity to vote for next historical character, write a couple of dialogues, get their artistic impression, name the protagonist and so on.

To show your support for the campaign, please go to

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Company Name: History Adventures
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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