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Hard Drive Recovery Group Looks Deeper Into Hard Drive Maintenance With Latest Blog

Continuing its mission of offering data recovery education and proactive data storage strategies for its clients, Hard Drive Recovery Group's latest March blog posts discuss the hard drive itself, as well as paths to safe data recovery.

"Everybody uses some kind of HDD unit almost daily whether they are aware of it or not," said Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group. "Having knowledge of hard drives, the best conditions for them and how they originated certainly isn't mandatory, but it does prepare people when they encounter some kind of physical hard drive crash."

The Post, "Hard Drives: Two Critical Things You Should Know About Them" discusses some of the early iterations of hard drives installed in computers, and also discusses IBM's Reynold B. Johnson, who is often referred to as the Godfather of the magnetic hard drive. It also references a four year average lifespan for HDDs, a key point that almost every computer user should understand.

"Basically, if you have a computer that is over four years old and runs an HDD, getting a consistent backup program in place should be a priority," said Davies. "Again, there is nothing automatic about hard drive failures, but you should definitely be ready for them at all times once your system reaches a certain age. If you have SSD drives, meanwhile, you should assume they will fail even faster."

The post entitled "The Best, If Not The Safest Way To Data Recovery" references how important data is to almost every computer user, even if sometimes, it tends to get taken for granted.

"Actual permanent data loss tends to be a lot less frequent than most people think," said Davies. "In fact, with the exception of extreme fire damage, many hard drives can be professionally recovered without too much trouble."

In fact, many data recovery service customers will often surrender drives with extremely critical information on them, solely because they either feel like the drives cannot be recovered, or because hard drive recovery service companies have quoted them a price that is outside of their budget. Often, the drives may be suffering from what are very common drive problems.

"One of the interesting things about the data recovery service industry is that many providers have differing pricing schedules that can make a huge difference to the user," said Davies. "Hard Drive Recovery Group has long focused on making pricing not only understandable, but also affordable to not only large businesses, but also to individuals."

This focus on pricing has allowed Hard Drive Recovery Group to become a recognized data recovery pricing leader in the industry, attracting a wide array of clients outside of the company's Southern California region.

"While certainly Orange and LA Counties are where many of our hard drive recovery clients come from, we have long provided data recovery services nationally," said Davies. "Many jurisdictions in the country do not actually have the benefit of a fully appointed data recovery lab, which creates a huge market for companies that do."

This lack of equipped data recovery facilities and experienced engineering personnel has meant that many smaller shops and computer repair companies are forced to outsource in order to provide data recovery to their clients.

"Computer repair shops are an interesting addition to the data recovery industry in that they rarely actually do the work, but will take the money from the client," said Davies. "This has meant that a major part of the data recovery service jobs that Hard Drive Recovery Group provides are in a white label style, which means we do the work, while the end user pays the computer repair shop."

Obviously, as Hard Drive Recovery Group's national reputation has developed, more customers are going direct in order to not only save money, but time.

"Fact is, if you call and deal with us directly, you can be ensured that the job will be executed as quickly as is possible," said Davies. "Not only that, but you're also assured that the pricing is as low as it's going to be as there is no middleman involved."


For more information about Hard Drive Recovery Group, contact the company here:

Hard Drive Recovery Group
Maureen Davies
12 Mauchly, Building C, Irvine, CA 92618

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