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Twin Cities PC Repair Serves The Twin Cities Suburbs Area

In this day and age, almost everyone relies on a computer, tablet, or other smart device for entertainment, to keep in touch with friends and family, to perform well at their job, and much more. Unfortunately these important devices can break, malfunction, or be infected by viruses and malware. When this happens not everyone can afford to pay high repair costs or sacrifice their device for weeks at a time while it gets repaired.

Fortunately for those who live in the Twin Cities suburbs of Eagan, Burnsville, Inver Grove Heights, Mendota Heights, or other neighboring areas, Twin Cities PC Repair offers a multitude of computer repair services at low costs, and with fast repair times.

The computer servicing company, which offers laptop, tablet, Mac, and desktop repair services, can help their customers with almost any technological issue in the field. For those who are experiencing problems with data recovery, charging ports, or require general repairs, the Twin Cities PC Repair Services team can work closely with each customer to swiftly fix any issues. As most of the individuals who utilize the company’s services need their device up and running as soon as possible, Twin Cities PC Repair Services will customize a repair plan that fits with the customer’s lifestyle, as well as their budget.

“This company is a lifesaver! I am self-employed and rely on my computer for almost every aspect of my career,” said customer Annamarie S. “When my computer would no longer charge, I stopped at Best Buy to see if they could fix it. They quoted me 4-6 weeks for the work and potentially $400! Not having my computer for that long was not an option, so I contacted Twin Cities PC Repair, dropped my computer off and had a quote for the repair in 24 hours. They got my computer back to me within a week for much less that what I was expected to pay at other businesses.”

Along with repairing hardware issues in computers and other smart devices, Twin Cities PC Repair can fix any software problems their customers might have. The computer and laptop repair company can work on computers with viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware issues. All software repair services offered by the company are completed through remote, secure connections so customers can be assured that their device will be fixed while the rest of their computer data is safely preserved. Once the software repairs are achieved, Twin Cities PC Repair Services will deliver a full report of each issue and the steps taken to solve it to the owner of the device.

Fixing computer and other technological problems is only one step in restoring devices back to their original running capacity. Many people who own computers many recognize that their device has an issue, but don’t know where to begin when trying to work out what exactly that problem is. Fortunately for their customers, the Twin Cities PC Repair Services team can diagnose devices with all types of hardware and software issues.

Once the source of any technological problem is discovered, the company educates their customers on the issue and gives them different servicing options. This allows the customer to choose a service plan that falls within their budget, and makes the most sense based on the uses they get out of their device, how old the device is, and how long they plan to continue to use the device. Additionally, the repair company also gives their customers a free service estimate so they know exactly how much their repair will cost.

Having a faulty computer can be an extremely stressful time for those who rely heavily on their devices. It is for this reason that the company is dedicated to providing the best customer service alongside their computer repair solutions. The highly skilled, professional team is trained to work with customers while they go through the taxing process of dealing with a dysfunctional device.

Those seeking any type of computer repair, even Mac repair, may contact Patrick Jensen of Twin Cities PC Repair Services, or visit their main website to browse a full list of the services they offer. The company, which works with both personal and commercial computer devices, pledges to work with individuals through any computer issues until they are completely satisfied with the services they receive.


For more information about Twin Cities PC Repair, contact the company here:

Twin Cities PC Repair
Patrick Jensen
860 Blue Gentian Rd Suite 200 Eagan, MN 55121

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