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Press Release

Small Business Capital Provides Financial Aid To Small Businesses

Small Business Capital is a financial aid agency that works to help small businesses grow by providing them with the funds they need. “The biggest challenge for entrepreneurs is getting adequate financing to launch their businesses,” stated Small Business Capital. “Small Business Capital’s start-up financing is tailored to suit business needs, and can accommodate terms between 12-60 months. We finance most business types ranging from $1,000 to $500,000.”

Auto repair shops, restaurants, transport businesses, spas, cleaning services, hair care services, medical services, and manufacturing centers all appear on the list of businesses that Small Business Capital is able to fund. The company can be found online at

One of the greatest obstacles often faced by new businesses is securing funds to launch their projects. Even with an extraordinary idea and a great business plan, securing financial assistance from most banks often proves very difficult for small business owners. Obtaining financial assistance requires, “good credit history, a track record of at least five years and some bank requires that they have an equity stake in your business,” according to the company. The reason for this is that giving financial help to small businesses is often considered very risky as start-ups very often fail, and the money given to them as financial assistance will result in the loss of funds.

Small Business Capital, however, specialises in helping new businesses get off the ground. “Part of Small Business Capital’s mission is to help small business owners acquire the financing they need to reach their goals. When Small Business Capital lends cash to your business, you also get access to advice and support from us as you get your business off the ground,” the company affirmed.

Small Business Capital also provides merchant cash advances meant to aid already established small businesses acquire new equipment, renovate their premises, or hire new employees. “We help many industries to get the funds they need when they need it. If you know exactly what needs to be done to grow your business, like renovation, hiring new staff, or increased cash flow, our products and services are available to assist you and your business at the right time,” said Small Business Capital. Describing their merchant cash advances, Small Business Capital stated, “It is the best option for any business using credit or debit transactions, or a seasonal business that requires short-term supplementary cash to capitalize on an inventory deal, seasonal staffing,” etc. Repayment is accomplished through a percentage of daily sales, which may be easier to handle for some businesses.

Small Business Capital offers cash to small businesses who don’t accept credit/debit transactions, with repayment being handled on a day-by-day basis, which puts small businesses in a better position to budget for future expenses.

The company offers unsecured lines of credit which means when clients request financial assistance, it is given based on the business’ performance, not on its credit score. “Working capital is crucial in making sure that your company’s daily operations can continue and that it has sufficient funds. Whether your business financial needs are buying inventory, increasing liquid capital, or making the month’s payroll, a business line of credit is the best solution available for you,” said Small Business Capital. The company’s LinkedIn account, which contains information on the company and its contact details, can be found at

Applications for financial aid can be made online. Potential clients need only supply the required information concerning their business, following which they will receive confirmation within 48 hours. Once approved, the client will receive a contract to sign, at which point the funds will be sent to them within 24 hours.

The repayment process then begins and is determined by what payment plan the client applied for. “Fill the online application form provided and voilà! We will get in touch with you immediately and provide you with a number of options customized for your business, depending on the information you have given us. Decide on what best suits your business and remember that you are not obliged to proceed further, and no charges apply whatsoever,” said Small Business Capital. More information on Small Business Capital can be found at


For more information about small business capital, contact the company here:

small business capital

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