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Hiwater breaks through technical bottlenecks; The first electrolyzed hydrogen-oxygen separating household hydrogen water machine in the industry

Suitable for RO water / pure water | Microcomputer control Stable hydrogen value | Oxygen and ozone discharge

Currently, most of domestic household hydrogen water machine use the water magnesium method to make hydrogen water. There is no household hydrogen water machine with pure electrolysis hydrogen-oxygen separating.

Hiwater Co-founder, Jen Liu, pointed out: "Unlike the water in the hydrogen water bottle is not moving, how to generate a stable high- hydrogen value in the flowing water, and quickly discharge the oxygen and ozone after the separating of hydrogen and oxygen. The pure electrolyzed hydrogen-oxygen separating hydrogen water machine has its technical difficulties, and it has not been possible in the workshop. RO water/pure water can also be made into hydrogen water." Hiwater has not only achieved it but also has been certified by the Japan Hydrogen Water Promotion Association. The hydrogen value can reach between 1,000 and 1,645 ppb, and the ORP value is between -500 and -828 mv. This shows that Hiwater has high technical energy.

Different from the general water ionizer, this water ionizer uses the anionic membrane, so the water is alkaline and requires discharging the additional acidic water. Hiwater hydrogen water machine uses "food grade hydrogen and oxygen separating membrane," plus to discharge the oxygen and ozone technology, not only provide more effective hydrogen and ORP values but also does not change the PH of water (influent PH of water is neutral and generating neutral PH of water). It allows hydrogen to be more integrated into the water, which is not easy to escape after standing for a long time. The Hiwater hydrogen machine uses the FDA-standard "food grade hydrogen-oxygen separating membrane" and the high-thickness and high-purity titanium platinum electrode plate (the purity of Titanium is 99.8%, and the thickness of platinum is 860 times of the standard value 2), which allow consumers to avoid having to drink water containing heavy metals, ozone, and unidentified ingredients.

Looking ahead, Hiwater brand marketing manager, Kevin Wu, also revealed that in addition to the previously launched hydrogen water bottle, and the industry's first "electrolytic hydrogen-oxygen separating hydrogen water machine". The hydrogen air machine that be a "medical-grade certified component" will be launched in the first half of 2019, and a series of hydrogen products such as hydrogen water beauty spray bottle will be launched to meet the needs of consumers:

Remark: The electrolyzed hydrogen-oxygen separating hydrogen water machine in Chinese and Japanese are called 氫水機, 氫水製造機 or 氫水生成器. Hydrogen water in Chinese and Japanese are called 氫水 and 水素水.

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