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Press Release

The Texas Mortgage Pros Opens New Location In Midland

The Texas Mortgage Pros has announced that they have opened a new location in Midland, Texas. The new office is located on Marienfeld Street in Midland.

Jason Turner, a representative for the company says, “We are pleased to have our Midland location up and running. Our goal is to have an office that makes it convenient for every consumer in Texas to walk in and get assistance with their financial needs.”

Turner states that the company offers a wide range of financial services for those who are looking to purchase a home in Texas. The company offers a number of resources and more information on their website. Turner says that they recommend anyone who is interested visit their site to learn more about the process and to access an online application.

“We do offer a lot of assistance on our website,” Turner says. “Even so, we are glad to be opening new locations throughout Texas in our attempt to offer customers a more local approach to their financial needs.”

In addition to their new office in Midland, the company has also opened new locations in Arlington, Corpus Christi, Houston and a number of additional locations throughout the state. Turner says that those who are interested in learning more can visit the mortgage lenders in Midland Texas on their site or in person.

The company states that they felt a more community focused approach was needed to help consumers in Texas who are looking into the real estate market. Turner says that while there are a number of national companies online who offer similar services, most consumers prefer working with a local office where they can conveniently visit in person and get answers to all of their questions. He states that having a local office helps consumers to feel more at ease with the process and ensures them that they can readily contact the company when needed.

The Midland, Texas housing market is currently filled with available homes. Turner states that since the real estate market is currently saturated, offering local assistance to families in their quest to purchase a home makes more sense because a local company will know more about the local area. He says that anyone who has questions is welcome to visit them at their new location to get assistance.

The company currently works with a number of partners to help consumers to find the right solution for their home buying needs. Turner says that they do not offer a one size fits all approach to finances. Instead, he states that they work with each individual on a personalized basis, and he adds that this personal approach to home financing is much easier for the company and for consumers when the company has a local presence.

Consumers often find the process of buying a home to be confusing and even overwhelming. Turner says that there are many things to consider and adds that the company offers a number of resources that are designed to assist home buyers in navigating this complicated process.

The mortgage loans Midland company urges those who are currently looking at real estate in the Midland area to contact them. Turner adds that anyone who is currently looking to relocate to Midland from another area in Texas or another state can also contact them if they prefer to work with a company that will be local to them when they move. Those who are interested can visit the company on their corporate website to get an overview of the services that they provide or contact them directly through email or by phone. The company website also offers an online application and a pre-qualification form that can be filled out prior to the in-person consultation. Turner says that they have also added a convenient online chat that connects consumers to experienced representatives from the company for those who may have questions that they need answered prior to their consultation.


For more information about The Texas Mortgage Pros Midland, contact the company here:

The Texas Mortgage Pros Midland
Jason Turner
(866) 772-3802
601 N Marienfeld St #101, Midland, TX 79701

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