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New Report At PickUp-Artist.Com Proves Pick Up Artists Get A Bad Rap

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New York, NY (PRWEB) September 13, 2011

Dating Expert Landon Clooney says stereotyping is rampant when it comes to the pick up artist community and his site ( helps to show that the majority of men are good guys trying to be the best men they can be.

According to Clooney, when it comes to the art of learning to pick up women, stereotypes abound. Most women think of the sleazy guy on television who is almost a caricature of what people are really like. This is not a true representative of a PUA and guys who dress this outlandishly make it very clear they are only after one thing from women.

Clooney also states that it makes sense that women who are attracted to the stereotypical pick up artist, probably aren’t going to like other women or even themselves. Additionally, they probably don’t have enough self-esteem to realize they could do much better than some flashy guy out to use them.

But those flashy pick up artists probably only make up one percent of the men who consider themselves part of the pick up artist community, says dating expert Landon Clooney in his recently released report

“If people dig a little deeper than what they see in the media they will realize that the vast majority of men who seek help in the pick up artist community are truly looking for ways to boost their self confidence and become the best men they can be,” Clooney says. “These men want to offer women their best side: one that is well-groomed, financially stable, optimistic, and confident.

“The pick up artist community is at its heart a network of men who support each other in this endeavor. The number of men who are jerks looking to find out how to impress a girl just so they can get over on her is miniscule. And, in fact, men like this often are scorned in the community and told to get a life.”

That’s why Clooney doubts the statement that women who fall for pick up artists dislike other women.

“Women who fall for pick up artists are attracted to them because they are able to demonstrate confidence and integrity and show that they can be trusted,” Clooney explains.

These are just a few concepts that Clooney teaches the thousands of men who have turned to him for help not only in how to pick up girls, but in finding long-term partners, which makes the idea that pick up artists are dishonorable laughable to him.

His Pickup Artist website is continually updated with new information that will help men find success in the dating world. Find out more at:


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