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New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic brings Ibogaine to California

Innovative rehab facility, New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic, brings the amazing Ibogaine treatment closer to the people of southern California and San Diego

New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic has consistently demonstrated the clinic’s commitment to helping people live a healthy, happier life with a focus on treating addicts using one of the most effective addiction treatments, Ibogaine, a psychoactive alkaloid derived from the roots of the Tabernanthe Iboga bush. The clinic has taken a giant stride towards achieving this goal by bringing its services closer to the Southern California and San Diego areas, helping to reduce the number of addicts and consequently making the community safer and better while helping such individuals become better members of the society.

Studies have shown that drug addiction is on the rise and remains one of the major challenges faced by several countries worldwide. Several treatment options have been proffered by experts and other such stakeholders in the medical field with the hope of helping individuals in this rather unfortunate situation get their lives back. However, many of such treatments have not been particularly effective and this is where New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic has been able to change the narrative using Ibogaine treatments.

Ibogaine treatments have expectedly become increasingly popular in recent times thanks to their effectiveness, helping to restore dopamine, adrenaline, endorphins and serotonin generation in the body. This consequently, brings balance and neuroplasticity to the brain as the treatment binds the different receptor sites in the brain.

Therefore, it was not surprising that New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic has become very popular in a relatively short while due to the effectiveness of the Ibogaine treatment in solving addiction issues like opioids- heroin, pain pills, and a host of others. The clinic offers a wide range of programs including the 28-Day Recovery Program, 30-Day Depression Bootcamp, and its signature 7-day treatment program for managing and eliminating withdrawal symptoms or cravings from substance abuse or emotional disorders.

The clinic’s facility is strategically located approximately 60 minutes South of the San Diego international border, making it easily accessible to the people of San Diego.

More information about New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic and the services offered can be found on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic

New Roots Ibogaine Addiction Treatment Clinic is a Drug Rehab Treatment Clinic focused on providing alternative treatments for drug addiction. Headquartered in Ensenada, Mexico, the clinic offers a wide range of innovative treatment options to address the needs of patients and help them get their life on the right track.

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