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Press Release

Mike Marko Publishes New Post About Video Marketing for Business

Mike Marko with IM Consultant Services in Cincinnati, Ohio has announced a new publication. The blog post is for entrepreneurs and online marketers and is about video marketing for business.

Marko stated that this blog post’s purpose is to explain the importance of videos in online marketing. He added, “Every type of business should use videos because it can improve their online marketing campaigns.”

This statement is supported by statistics. According to a survey, videos get 1,200% more shares than image and text posts. Also, studies show that marketers get more revenue 49% faster after they start using videos.

But in order to get the best results, Marko says that it’s important to know how videos can help a business. That’s why the blog post also covers how videos can help business owners reach their marketing goals. Marko also states that videos can improve different aspects of a business such as sales, engagement, and brand visibility on the Web.

Mike Marko says that he can testify to the benefits of video marketing because he has personally experienced them. He said his clients get more sales once they start using videos in their online marketing campaigns. This is because videos can increase the conversation rate by up to 80%.

“The use of video in an online marketing campaign can definitely give better results,” says Marko. “That’s because consumers these days are more likely to buy products that they’ve seen in videos on the Internet.”

But aside from sales, Marko says that videos can increase engagement and online presence. Marko offers tips for video marketing strategy that can help business owners in those areas.

Marko says videos can increase engagement because almost 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. Mobile users tend to be big on engagement. Many of them are also likelier to purchase products if they’ve seen them in videos.

As for online presence, videos can boost it because many Internet users share informative, useful, and interesting videos on their social media accounts. This can help business owners get word out about their brand and products.

Marko’s confidence in using videos is extremely high because of the results of his clients’ online video marketing campaigns. According to Marko, these are getting better every day. Those who need to improve their own online marketing campaign, it’s recommended to follow Marko on his social media accounts. Marko often shares useful content for entrepreneurs and online marketers. He also regularly posts digital marketing advice on his website His website contains useful blog posts about marketing tips, tutorials, and strategies for different social media platforms.

Readers can also find several guides to SEO techniques on his website. He usually breaks down techniques in his guides so that even inexperienced marketers can try them and get the best results from their marketing campaigns. In addition to that, Marko offers free consultations on his website. These are one-on-one sessions where he will personally give advice on how to improve online media marketing. During this time, Mike Marko and his team at IM Consultant Services can create an effective strategy to help business owners achieve their business goals. Their contact details can be found on Marko’s website.


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