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Press Release

Project Phoenix8: New Waste-to-Energy Solution for the U.S. and Europe from Roberto Hroval and PatentReal Corporation

"The first phase of Project Phoenix8, called development phase, will go on for three years. It will take care of 0.5 million tons of waste in the EU and 0.5 million tons of waste in the USA annually."
PatentReal Corporation and Roberto Hroval announce a latest waste-to-energy project for Europe and U.S., Project Phoenix8 (PP8), with 98 percent of economic efficiency.

You might say the problems of the Earth created by the actions of people could be handled with an equal-and-opposite reaction. For example, the population produces billions of tons of trash, rubbish, garbage - whatever word you prefer to use to describe the items we don't want anymore.

In the year 2012, The Atlantic, one of the major news and literary magazines, reported that the world's population produced about two billion tons of garbage. Most of it was going to landfills. Just four years later, The Los Angeles Times, reported the number was expected to reach four billion by 2100. Most of it was still going into landfills.

What will it take to correctly address this global issue? One innovator and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong, “is ready to go public, after eight years of testing and perfecting.”

Roberto Hroval, founder of PatentReal Corporation, added, “We offer an energy-from-discarded-products system. It's fully green, as a closed loop system, with highest efficiency possible.” In 2018, Hroval announced the system had an energy efficiency above 85 percent and economic efficiency of 98 percent. “The remaining output, up to 100 percent, stays in our labs for research purposes,” he added.

Europe and USA

He is now introducing his waste-to-energy solution for the European and USA markets – Project Phoenix8 (PP8).

“PP8 is the name of European project for transforming discarded and worn out products into electricity. The heart of the plant would be our no-pollution Product Reincarnation Technology™ (PRT) reactor. So, the name of the project is PP8 while the machinery we will use is PRT. This applies to the USA market as well,” explained Roberto Hroval.

Veteran observers of this industry recognize the efficiency of this technology. Josef Kluy from the billion-dollar company “BluechemGroup” in Germany says, “PRT is a highly ingenious innovation in modern times. It can serve to be a breakthrough putting all previously known technologies in the shade.” 

Dr. Zvonimir Steiner from the reputed J. J. Strossmayer University expanded on this.

“The system is capable of enabling the reactor for yielding high efficiency at 98 percent with zero percent emissions. Moreover, the system is also silent completely. The overall advantage of the given PRT system lies in the self-efficient power supply capability as the gas that is produced out of the recycling process is completely returned to the production process. 

“As such, there is no requirement of external energy source because of the presence of the self-efficient reactor in the PRT system. The self-efficient reactor cooling system derives water that is obtained from the self-recycling production mechanism.” 


Hroval explained that PRT machinery will be used in various plants around the world as a “private label” technology. Due to specific local laws in various countries, sometimes the project will be executed as partnership program – that is, with a cooperation of local investors – and sometimes machinery will be just sold to local parties.

He announced the first phase of Project Phoenix8, called development phase, will go on for three years. It will take care of 0.5 million tons of waste in the EU and 0.5 million tons of waste in USA annually.

In EU particularly, the project will be executed under the ownership and supervision of PatentReal Corporation or one of its European companies, with a contribution of some local investors. The same would be in USA where the Product Reincarnation Technology™ was accepted very well. “Due to the fact that interest surpassed all expectations, Project Phoenix8 will be much bigger than we expected. We are all looking forward to starting it,” said Hroval.

He also explains the Phoenix in PP8 symbolizes the raise of “something” out of “nothing,” as is the case with their PRT technology, which creates sellable products out of garbage.The number 8 symbolizes everlasting cycle of using, discarding, transforming and building a new product.

“We can transform worn-out products into useful ones – or even into the brand new original product, if needed – indefinitely,” concludes funder and Chairman of PatentReal Corporation.

PatentReal’s projects are designed to address two of the planet’s serious issues: an increasing amount of worn-out and discard products and the exploitation of Earth.

It’s the equal-and-opposite reaction to one of the planet’s major issues.

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