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Residential HVAC Preventive Maintenance on a Fixed Budget

Taking care of your air conditioner or heating system may seem like a costly thing to do up front but in all actuality, it is likely to save money in the long-run. Here are some easy ways to perform preventative maintenance on your HVAC system without breaking the bank. 

1. Do not Cheap Out on the Filter

A good filter such as one from Allen Kelly & Company, Inc. is crucial to keeping the air within the system as clean as possible. There are new filters being manufactured which have pleats in them. These pleats are electromagnetically charged and can attract even the tiniest of particles. This includes particles which may be contaminated with bacteria or other contagions. 

2. Change the Filter Often

When it is time to change the filter, make sure that it is done on a regular and timely schedule. While this may seem like needlessly spending money, the opposite is actually true. By changing the filter on a regular basis, you are protecting the HVAC system from premature breakdown. Experts at companies such as recommend changing the filter no less frequently than every 90 days. However, you should still check it monthly and change it sooner if it looking overly dirty or partially clogged. If you have pets, you probably want to change it every month regardless. 

3. Install the Unit Properly

When installing the unit, be certain there is enough room around the vents and heat pumps. The industry standard is two feet around the units and pumps in all directions. This is done so that the machinery does not overheat. When units overheat, they can suffer extreme and possibly irreversible damage. This is definitely not worth it just to save you a few dollars during installation. 

4. Regularly Remove Debris

During the spring and fall, make sure to remove any debris which may have accumulated during the previous season. This is because excess debris can clog the vents and other things around the unit. This can cause the HVAC unit to run harder than it should and in turn suffer a premature breakdown. Remove all things such as leaves, lawn clippings, or clumps of dirt to avoid any problems.

5. Ensure the Unit is Level 

Over time, the concrete slab that the HVAC unit sits upon will slowly sink into the earth. This can be solved by re-leveling it. While this does amount to an out of pocket expense, it is still certainly far cheaper than having to replace the HVAC unit because it ran too hard and broken down. 

If you need professional help to work on the HVAC unit, it is a good idea to check out Google My Business. There are many high quality businesses and you can choose the best company that seems to meet your needs. Remember, never let your HVAC unit fall into a state of disrepair or you shall soon be sorry and out of money.

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