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Press Release

Austin Roofing Pros Expand Roofers Roof Repair Service Into Pleasant Valley Austin TX

Austin Roofing Pros have announced that they have expanded their roofing service into Pleasant Valley, which is a neighborhood in Austin, Texas. The company provides roof repair and roof replacement service not just to homes but also to commercial establishments throughout the city. The company is focused on providing reliable, durable roof repair in the city of Austin and neighboring areas.

Christopher Morealm, spokesperson for Austin Roofing Pros, says, “We are extremely happy to be able to expand our services into Pleasant Valley in Austin, Texas. Our highly skilled and experienced roof installation ninjas are ready to offer quality roofing services that will leave you in awe. Whether you want emergency roof repair after that storm, or you want to restore a jagged roof, or even do a complete roof replacement, Austin Roofing Pros is the company you want to choose.”

Christopher Morealm also wants to point out that while some people may think that they can simply watch several YouTube videos and then be able to do the roofing task, it is actually a dangerous chore. First of all, they may not have all of the necessary tools and equipment to do the task properly and safely. Furthermore, the roof is an important part of home or building, acting as the first line of defense against the elements. It has to be repaired or installed properly to ensure that it can protect the home or property.

The team from Austin Roofing Pros can handle the whole roof system of the home or building, which includes the roof deck, ventilation, flashing, and gutters. To ensure maximum protection for the house or building, all of those tasks have to be coordinated. Because Austin has an unusual set of weather conditions, the roof must be ensured to be capable of withstanding those conditions. Also, the roofing contractor has to be familiar with the weather conditions that are unique to Austin and this can be provided by the experienced professionals from Austin Roofing Pros.

Meanwhile, in the event of a storm and strong winds that can cause damage to the roof, Austin Roofing Pros has a rapid response team for such kind of emergencies. They are well aware that arriving as fast as possible will minimize the extent of the damage. And after that, they are ready to offer a total recovery plan that will help in restoring the roof back to its original condition. More information about their services can be gleaned by reading their various posts at

Christopher Morealm also wants to point out that it is not always necessary to replace the roof every time a leak is detected. There may be situations in which all that is needed is a high quality roof repair to get rid of the leak and restore the roof to its original condition, making it last for several more years. All of that starts with a professional inspection and evaluation of the current condition of the roof. The roofing evaluation and inspection is provided for free, which is something not often available from other roofing contractors. Next, they will determine the best way to proceed, whether it will be a full roof replacement or simply repair.

According to Christopher Morealm, homeowners and property owners have several roofing options. These include asphalt shingles, metal, and ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) flat roof. Asphalt shingles have the major advantage of being affordable and providing the best value. Metal roofing is available in a multitude of materials, including copper, aluminum, and steel. Meanwhile, EPDM is better known as flat roof and it is becoming more popular because of its durability and reliability.

The professionals at Austin Roofing Pros are firmly committed to providing high quality workmanship based on the their extensive experience and knowledge. Aside from ensuring that the work will be within budget, they will deal directly with the homeowner’s or property owner’s insurance company. Those who want to get more information or schedule an appointment with professional roofers in Austin TX can visit their website or call them by phone.


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