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Naperville Roofing & Construction Expert Announces Future Roofing Trends

A roof is probably the most important part of a home. This is because it protects people and the interior from the elements. In addition, it also helps in regulating temperature and insulates against cold temperatures outside. Over the years, the roofing industry has been changing. From the traditional functional roofs, the industry has become stylish while still maintaining the basic function.

“We cannot deny that roofs are becoming fancier every day, especially with the modern designs, materials, and the type of homes we have. We all love a stylish roof otherwise we would fix a leak with anything as long as it covered it. Today, leaks and any damages are left to experts who deliver professional services that match the design and the materials used on the roof,” said an expert from Naperville Roofing & Construction.

Just like other parts of home design, roofing has been going through changes when it comes to trends. The buzz term is now environmentally friendly and most manufacturers of roofing materials are taking this direction. There are two types of shingles that are gaining popularity and will probably dominate the future.

According to the Naperville roofing contractor, “White shingles are chosen because of their ability to provide optimal temperature regulation resulting in lower energy costs. While white shingles are beautiful and energy efficient, they show streaks easily which is why people go for the darker colors. Solar-powered shingles are becoming more popular every day. They are cost effective and are used with other roofing materials. They can be installed after every few rows of conventional shingles especially because they come at a higher cost. Because of their growing popularity, the solar shingles are becoming cheaper and will also dominate the future of roofing because of their energy efficiency.”

It’s important for a home owner to consult a professional Naperville roofing company to get the best advice when it comes to the roofing trends that will last long and not compromise the home’s design.

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