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Jessica Hansen is a changing the game for working mom entrepreneurs
The online movement of entrepreneurial moms has a powerful advocate in “systems magician” Jessica Hansen. Hansen has developed a system for creating online success and multiplying passive revenue that she believes will change the game for many working women who are also moms.

By Zoey Thompson

Online work and teleworking has made it possible for many women to have a career out of their own home. Many of these women entrepreneurs are working moms trying to earn additional income while others are women with multiple revenue streams. Successful online business coach Jessica Hansen has made a career out of helping women develop the resources and knowledge they need to be successful online. Her consulting company has worked with countless women and says this experience has only affirmed her belief that anyone can have a successful online business if they follow a few simple rules.

“I work with so many women in so many different situations,” Jessica explains. “Those that have been wildly successful tend to have the following things in common: they are ambitious, tenacious, understand the resources that are available to them and use them.”

Her coaching business focuses, first, on efficiency. Structuring a business so that it can run with fewer resources is vital to establishing both a customer base and a model for scaling. Customers need to be able to rely on the service being provided and that means establishing routines and managing time and resources effectively. “I always tell people that if I learned anything in the corporate world it is in the power of creating what I call ‘automagic’ tasks,” she explains. “Set your business up in such a way that certain tasks and procedures are run automatically. That frees you up for the more creative and personal elements of your business.”

In order to help women accomplish this, Jessica has developed IT infrastructure, tools, and guides that will get their business up and running quickly and major tasks automated. Her services include coaching, mentoring, and for those who need IT resources but have a limited budget she even has a nonprofit co-working space.  Jessica believes that success comes when entrepreneurs can harness their passion and vision with strategy and the appropriate resources. This is what she imparts to her clients and what she applies to her own life.

“Success isn’t a product of having good luck,” she explains. “In fact, you can have bad luck but be resilient and persistent and still achieve success.” Her own book, The Resilience Code, describes how she was able to develop her successful business model as well as imparts her knowledge and wisdom so that others might do the same.

Her website is filled with testimonials from her clients who have taken her approach and applied it to their own business with powerful results. She believes that there is a recipe for success and wants to share it with others.

For more information visit her website.

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