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Ashton Plastic Surgery’s Mummy Makeovers Restores Pre-Pregnancy Bodies

Melbourne, Australia - Feb 13, 2019 - Pregnancy and breastfeeding changes the body in ways many women never anticipated. To regain their svelte, pre-pregnancy body, an increasing number of women are turning to internationally renowned mummy makeover plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark Ashton, owner of Ashton Plastic Surgery, to reshape and contour the body.

A mummy makeover can encompass a combination of procedures to correct the physical changes that take place during pregnancy, from sagging breasts and excess abdominal skin to droopy buttocks. Pregnancy also changes a woman’s skin. It loses elasticity and some individuals experience darkening of the skin, both of which can be remedied at the practice.

The most commonly sought procedure fora mummy makeover Melbourne is breast augmentation to address deflated breasts and restore them to a perky, pre-pregnancy state. With breast augmentation, an implant is introduced into the breast to restore a natural shape and it can be combined with a small breast lift for rejuvenation.

For other women, breast reduction surgery is better suited to their needs. Much depends on a woman’s genetics and weight gain during pregnancy. Some women experience little breast growth during pregnancy, while others demonstrate a significant increase. Breast reduction surgery remodels, corrects drooping and produces an aesthetically pleasing shape.

Women can also take advantage of abdominal surgery that includes liposuction to eliminate excess skin. Commonly known as a tummy tuck, it tightens and remodels the lower abdomen. The procedures can be performed alone or at the same time as breast surgery or a boob job Melbourne, but individuals should be aware that doing so increases recovery times.

For women that experience darkening and aging skin, Fraxel laser resurfacing, anti-wrinkle injections, and Fraxel facial skin rejuvenation offers a pathway to younger looking skin. The procedures remove the old, pigmented skin and stimulate the production of collagen. The use of Fraxel laser treatments results in faster results and healing times. Anti-wrinkle injections prevent certain muscles from moving, thereby eliminating creases and creating a youthful visage.

Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it leaves a mark on a woman’s body. Dr. Ashton is a renowned plastic surgeon that specializes in helping women regain their pre-pregnancy silhouette. Women will find their clothing fits better, they have increased confidence, and they’re able to continue their lifestyle secure in the knowledge that they look their best.

About Ashton Plastic Surgery

Prof. Mark Ashton is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive breast surgery and facial aesthetic surgery. A former Head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, he’s one of Australia’s most respected and internationally renowned plastic surgeons. Ashton Plastic Surgery is a professional medical nursing and administrative team that are at the forefront of plastic surgery care.

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