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Press Release

Rockabye Toys Announces That Its Plush Rocking Toys For Toddlers Are Now All Built In The USA

Rockabye Toys has announced that all of its plush rocking toys for toddlers are now all built in the USA, specifically in Phoenix, Arizona, where they are based. Thus, all of the company’s rockers are of Made in the USA quality. The process starts with top quality American maple hardwoods, which are cut, sanded and finished at its US factory. It should be noted, however, that the company’s factory does not do any major sewing, that is why they have to import the fabric skins for the rockers. In the past, they had allowed the rockers to be manufactured in China. However, after experiencing so many quality problems, they decided to move the production to their facility in Phoenix.

Todd Coyle, spokesperson for Rockabye Toys, says, “We make rockers and only rockers because we want to be the best. We do not want to be like so many others that make so many different types of products and never master any of them. We are also the only American made rocker company. We believe that controlling our production and inspection in our own factory is the only way to ensure that our quality is beyond compare. We want to make sure that the rocker you receive is perfect when it comes out of the box.”

Todd Coyle points out that the company’s rockers have amazing features, such as rocking horses that play music. He explains that they have gone to considerable lengths just to make sure that they are offering the highest quality music for the rockers. Each rocker is loaded with four educational songs that have been written, composed, and performed by Rockabye. Specifically, these are an ABC song that teaches kids the whole alphabet; a 1,2,3 song that teaches kids the numbers 1 to 10; a colors of the rainbow song that teaches kids all of the colors; and a fun song titled “I Love to Rock”. There is one exception, and that is Homer the Baseball Rocker, whose fourth song is the classic “Take me out to the ballgame,” sung by a children’s choir.

Todd Coyle explains that parents would want to buy plush rocking horses for babies because they would be giving their baby a lot of enjoyment in a fun and safe environment. Providing babies this kind of toys will not only stimulate their growth and development but will also provide them with hours of entertainment.

This entertaining toy is not only safe and durable for both babies and toddlers. It can also stimulate their imagination for hours while offering them soothing and relaxing motions. For that reason, plush rocking horses have been a favorite of parents and grandparents for many years. Babies and toddlers will surely enjoy the soft feel and simple design of plush rocking horses. This will not just help them develop their motor functions but it will also help with their tactile development.

Furthermore, the seating on the plush rocking horse has been designed in such a manner that babies and toddlers can easily and safely mount them, and that they are stable to ensure the baby or toddler will not fall off. Such built-in safety features are one of the reasons why parents have peace of mind in letting their babies or toddlers play with these rockers. In addition, it has been ascertained that there are no sharp edges that can cause injury. Instead, the toy is plush and soft to the touch, thus, giving the baby or toddler a pleasant experience.

Meanwhile, the different animal designs for these rockers are to stimulate visual appeal to babies and toddlers, helping them to recognize various patterns, shapes, and colors. Therefore, these rockers are not just fun and safe toys, they are also educational toys, allowing the baby to recognize various animal shapes and features.

Also, the rocking motion of these rockers are soothing motions for babies and toddlers that they have been used to. Thus, they feel safe, comfortable, and secure when riding the rockers. Those who need high quality rockers for kids can visit the Rockabye Toys website or call them by phone.


For more information about Rockabye Toys, contact the company here:

Rockabye Toys
Todd Coyle
(602) 321-3285
3636 W Buckeye Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009

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