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William Belle Jr., and his wife Tiffany unfold their inspiring life story of surviving war, overcoming loss and finding love in their newly launched book

William Belle Jr., a professional soldier turned disabled war veteran and his wife Tiffany Denmark Belle have co-authored their new non-fiction book, describing their own story of love, loss, grief, and motivation.

Before tying the knot with Tiffany, William, known to his friends as Bill was happily married in 2006 and serving as a sergeant in Iraq for the U.S. Army. He was returning to the Army base after a 30 day leave where he and his wife got involved in a traffic accident that took her life and put Bill in a coma for several months. Despite the odds and severe brain damage, he woke up and started undergoing therapy for memory loss.

By the year 2015, Bill found himself discontent with his personal relationships and meanwhile, he was also undergoing memory loss therapy which required him to look at some old photos to see how much he remembers from the past. He found a photo of someone familiar from long ago and felt an instant connection with her. It was Tiffany, whom he dated about 30 years ago before fate separated them. He lit a candle at St. Jude catholic church in Chicago on a regular basis asking for help to find her.

A series of coincidences bring Bill and Tiffany together and eventually they found love in each other, after three decades. Tiffany was a Certified Nurse in Stress Management & Resilience, and together they made their life goal to inspire and help others going through loss, grief, pain and suffering ailments. At present, they are registered motivational speakers with Speaker Hub and penned down their entire story in their latest book which is all set to release on major platforms like Amazon, iBook etc.

Bill and Tiffany talk about their inspiring journey in this candid interview with us,

Interviewer: What inspired you to keep going amidst loss and grief?

Bill: The strong desire I had to be restored to my former self, I now realize that I will always have physical problems but I have made great strides toward being who I desire to be.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your relationship with Tiffany?

Bill: She encouraged me to believe in myself, stop letting family take advantage me which put her in a position to be attacked by them but she has stood her ground to protect my wellbeing. I greatly appreciate her standing by my side and helping me thru life, sometimes I have outburst of anger because of my Traumatic.

Brain Injury and I forget a lot because of the memory loss and she is always there to help me.

Interviewer: What is your first approach to someone dealing with extreme emotional stress?

Bill: Find out what is causing the stress then look for ways to eliminate it, when that is not possible you have to find ways to manage it.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your book?

Bill: I wanted to share my story and let others know that it is possible to recover from a devastating life event.

Interviewer: Who is this book suitable for?

Bill: Veterans, caregivers, family members dealing with sick loved ones and clergy to share a real life living testimony.  Developing the resilience to overcome adversity, obstacles, pain and suffering can be turned into a positive driving force.

Interviewer: How can someone contact you for booking for an event?

Bill: The best way is thru the website

As a motivational speaker, Bill provides hope and a unique perspective as a survivor of a life-threatening condition. He empowers survivors’ groups and families dealing with serious health concerns. As nurse certified in stress management, Tiffany advises families, organizations, health-care professionals, and caregivers dealing with difficult medical and ethical decisions. She offers guidance about advance directives and living wills.

Together, Tiffany and Bill help others cope with serious health issues and the emotional toll of devastating illness and injury. They enable people to discover hope despite overwhelming adversity.

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