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Press Release

Pneumatic Compression Therapy Offers Effective Treatment for Intermittent Claudication

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Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2019 -- Non-invasive and affordable treatment with high compliance rates is available for patients with intermittent claudication.

Intermittent claudication is muscle pain during mild exertion such as walking which subsides when at rest. It most commonly occurs in the calf muscle and is associated with early-stage peripheral artery disease. Its cause is insufficient flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles.

Greg Grambor, president of Vascular PRN, is on a mission to spread awareness of pneumatic compression therapy. Sequential and intermittent therapy devices are designed to stimulate and assist the natural blood flow and oxygenation mechanisms in the body's extremities.

Vascular PRN specializes in the distribution of this equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and patients.

"A variety of conditions are treatable with pneumatic compression, either as a substitute for or complement to riskier and more invasive therapies," Grambor said. "The PlasmaFlow is a great choice in particular for intermittent claudication. It's portable and lightweight, and its batteries last up to 10 hours on a charge"

Studies at the Mayo Clinic and other hospitals have shown decreased pain and increased mobility in patients with intermittent claudication who are treated with pneumatic compression therapy.

Grambor said that intermittent claudication is a fitting application for this treatment because it is often an early-stage symptom present when the underlying conditions are reversible. If the symptomatic pain is treated, and the ability to exercise is increased, the body's circulatory systems can return to normal functioning.

"Pneumatic compression therapy is tremendously important for post-surgical patients and those with very limited mobility. But doctors and patients should also be aware of its ability to treat more common and less severe conditions and contribute to overall quality of life."

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