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Long Time Roofing Marianna Fl Contractor Announces Their Expansion into the Panama City Area

HomeTown Roofing has just announced that due to the demand for critical roofing services in the Panama City, Florida area, they will now be permanently expanding their roofing repair and installation services to include that area of the Florida Panhandle.

Johnny Nesbitt, one of the company’s owners, told how this new expansion into the Florida Panhandle area got started. He said, “One day I got a phone call from a previous customer of ours that now lived in the Panama City area. The former customer had stated that not only has his roof not been repaired since hurricane Michael hit in October of 2018, but he was even having trouble getting callbacks from local roofing contractors. He asked if I knew any ‘competent roofer near me’. After a few conversations between us, I decided that I would send a crew to Panama City to help out him and some of his neighbors that received extensive roofing damage from Hurricane Michael.”

Once HomeTown Roofing started helping out these customers in the Panama City area, they quickly realized how great the need was for experienced roofing help there. After careful consideration, they decided that they were willing to permanently expand their roofing services into Panama City and the surrounding Florida Panhandle area. In just the short time they have worked out of the Panama City area, HomeTown Roofing’s skilled crews have already helped over 180 homeowners with roof repairs or replacements that they needed as a result of Hurricane Michael. Nesbitt even liked the Panama City area so much he decided to relocate his family there and oversee the company’s Panama City operations himself.

HomeTown Roofing traces its roots back to its beginning as a single crew contractor in Central Florida. Their initial location was 2913 Optimist Drive in the Marianna, Florida area but they have grown steadily since those humble beginnings as a hard working roofing contractor. One of the reasons for their growth was their willingness to help out their customer base with roofing problems in times of trouble, such as when any strong hurricanes pass through their area of Florida. This has resulted in the company running a single roofing crew to now having 10 full-time roofing crews out working for them.

HomeTown Roofing offers a wide variety of both residential and commercial roofing services. The residential roofing services that they offer include such things as shingle replacements, leak repairs, and roof cleaning after a strong storm strikes the area. They also specialize in the installation and repair of metal and tile roofing products. HomeTown Roofing even replaces vinyl siding and will redo someone’s gutters and downspouts for them too.

They are a company that also specializes in commercial roofing services. HomeTown Roofing can do commercial roof repairs on everything from flat to steeply pitched business roofs. One of their more popular commercial roofing services is their low sloped roof coverings that are designed to keep business roofs leak free for many years. These include roof coverings such as Thermoplastic Membranes, Modified Bitumen, Built-Up Roofing, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and easy to apply Polyvinyl Chloride roof coatings.

Nesbitt stated that the company is always ready to help out after a hurricane or powerful storm strikes in their roofing services coverage areas too. He said they have the experienced manpower in place and the support equipment to take care of many different types of roofing emergencies after a big storm hits. Even if someone’s roof is severely damaged and needs extensive repairs, they will help by covering that roof with tarps until the supplies arrive to do that roof repair properly.

Anyone looking for a roofer near Marianna, Florida or the Panama City area can simply go to their website to see more about the services they offer. On their website, they also have maps showing their Marianna and Panama City business locations. There is also a form someone can fill out on the website to request scheduling a free roofing inspection with one of their experienced roofing techs.


For more information about HomeTown Roofing, Inc., contact the company here:

HomeTown Roofing, Inc.
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