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Water Filters Blog: is The Number One Choice FYI

Water is an extremely valuable commodity that every human in the world needs. But not every water source is reliable. Even tap water can have unseen impurities that could cause harm to people. That is why a water filter should be available in every home. Filtra Nerou is offering a wide range of water filters for home and business use.

Water is crucial for the survival of any human. People can't survive more than 3 days without water. It is also equally important that the water that people drink is the right kind of water, free from harmful toxins, bacteria or unwanted minerals. Tap water, something that almost everyone has as their main water source, simply can't be trusted. Numerous cases of the waterborne disease have been transmitted through tap water due to ill-maintenance of facilities or lack of vigilance from those tasked at keeping the water source clean. This is where a water filter can be useful. Filtra Nerou is one company that offers the best water filter in Greece using the latest technology.

In Athens, like the rest of the world, people use chlorine to clean their water system. This is because chlorine destroys almost all harmful pathogens and it is relatively cheap, but it leaves a chlorinated taste in the water. Those that want purer tap water might consider using a filter to lessen the amount of chlorine in their tap water. Water filters also strain many minerals and salts that are present in tap water. Filtra Nerou has many different filtration systems available for home and business use. The carbon filter is one that is quite popular because it not only removes odor but it also neutralizes harmful substances in the water. Activated charcoal, the active component of the filter, is also naturally occurring and is tasteless and non-toxic. A reverse osmosis filter is also an option. The system is made of numerous filters each designed to remove specific substances from the water.

Filtra Nerou is also pioneering new technology for water filtration. They are constantly in search of newer and more effective ways to clean water for human consumption. One such technology breakthrough listed on their website is on the newly discovered graphene that could potentially be the best water filter. Graphene has the potential to be even better than reverse osmosis, filtering substances on the molecular scale. Although mass producing graphene so it can be applied on a larger scale remains to be the biggest hurdle.

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