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Sarah Palin Praises Documentary THE UNDEFEATED: 'Powerful Film About Alaska’s History' and Efforts to 'Tackle Political Corruption,' Says it Will 'Open Some Eyes'

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Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) September 07, 2011

Sarah Palin on her Facebook page today lauded the feature documentary, THE UNDEFEATED, which focuses on her political career as a corruption-fighting bi-partisan reformer. Palin specifically thanked the film’s Victory Film Group production team for highlighting the many accomplishments of her team under her stewardship as Governor. THE UNDEFEATED is currently available to over 75 million homes on most cable and satellite providers on demand.

Palin previously said that the film “blew me away” on Greta Van Susteren’s Fox News program “On the Record”, and at the world premier of the film in Pella, IA in early July.

Displaying the characteristic deference that helped her achieve sustained approval ratings in the high 80’s as Governor, Palin credits her team for her major legislative successes in Alaska.

Palin’s signature legislation include the passage of AGIA (Alaska’s Gasline Inducement Act), which set up a competitive process for companies to bid on the development of a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope, which for 30 years, other governors had been unable to pass.  Other notable legislation includes ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share) which increased oil revenues to the state, budget slashing, and her Ethics Reform bill. Under Palin’s leadership, Alaska politics, once considered to be among the most corrupt in the nation which led to major federal investigations of state lawmakers, went through major ethics reforms to limit the corrupting influence of Big Oil companies on Alaska legislators.

Director of THE UNDEFEATED, Stephen K. Bannon said about Palin’s review “We think the film is very instructive about how a leader motivates a team and citizenry to combat and defeat crony capitalism. We have made every endeavor to make this film available to the general public, beginning with our announced video on demand release this past weekend, and the DVD release on October 4.”

The full text of Sarah Palin’s post:

Catch “The Undefeated” for Alaska and America’s Story

Steve Bannon just released a powerful film about Alaska’s history, our rich resources, and a committed team’s successful effort to tackle political corruption. Bannon’s independently financed, produced, and directed film called “The Undefeated” is now available on cable via pay-per-view and video-on-demand. I’m thankful for Bannon’s group at Victory Films for independently putting their own time and resources into documenting the work my team in Alaska did in successfully fighting corruption and enacting real reform that put local and state government back on the side of the people. Thank you to the good Alaskans who participated in the film and spoke so passionately about our state’s history, our natural resources, and our destiny as the energy contributor for America’s security.

Bannon’s film shows how on a state and local level all citizens – no matter background or party affiliation – can come together to fight the special interests and the corrupt powers-that-be that steal power from the people. Through examples of putting government-run businesses back into the private sector hands, inviting competition, reducing taxes, and blowing the doors open to force government transparency, “The Undefeated” shows that though real reform is difficult and real reformers are vilified, it is possible. The obstacles in the way of reform are why true reform is so rare, but as the film shows, it can be done and it is worth doing.

This film is not about any one person. It’s about great American values – like our indomitable optimistic pioneering spirit – that will always see America through no matter how tough times are. It’s the spirit of our Last Frontier, it’s the story of how Alaskans fought corruption and won, it’s the story of the spirit of the Tea Party Movement, and it’s the story of a people’s movement for reform. I’m grateful to these filmmakers for telling the story.

Here’s more about Steve Bannon’s film and where to view it. I encourage you to watch it. I promise you it will open some eyes.

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