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Waldorf Education Knitting Benefits Handiwork Explanation Report Launched

Waldorf Academy Toronto students' handiwork

Waldorf Academy, a Toronto educational institution, launched a new report titled “Why Do Waldorf Students Learn To Knit?”. Focusing on the benefits of knitting as an educational activity which develops multiple cognitive, sensorial and social skills, the new report is ideal for parents and educators interested in finding more about the importance of handiwork in the Waldorf educational system.

The Waldorf theory of education was developed by Rudolf Steiner as an alternative to traditional, teacher-focused pedagogic systems. Focusing on the holistic development of the pupil’s skills, the Waldorf approach has grown more and more popular throughout the world, with more than 200 schools in the United States and more than 20 in Canada.

The new report by Waldorf Academy aims to clarify the purpose of integrating knitting into the Waldorf curriculum.

According to the report, the main benefit of knitting as an educational tool is that it combines artistic with mathematical skills, thus stimulating both parts of the brain. Knitting improves hand-eye coordination, helps children develop the ability to build rewarding habits and stay focused on the task at hand, contributes to better pattern recognition and geometrical visualization skills, and reduces anxiety and fatigue.

Additionally, knitting is also important in fostering the pupil’s sense of self-esteem. The report states: “Being able to show that they [the pupils] made something so complicated all on their own gives them pride and elevates their self-esteem. So when you get a wildly-coloured scarf with a dropped stitch as your next birthday gift, remember that the real gift is knowing that your child believes in their talents more than before they cast on the first loop.”

The recent report is part of the Academy’s continuous commitment to providing valuable resources for anyone interested in Waldorf education. Its blog features plenty of articles on various topics, including the importance of storytelling, integrating toys into early education, and many others.

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