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Press Release

Newport Beach Rhinoplasty Center Receives More Positive Reviews

The Rhinoplasty Center, based in Newport Beach, CA, has announced with pride that they keep getting positive reviews from former rhinoplasty patients. Recently, a patient from San Diego expressed her satisfaction for her rhinoplasty that was performed by Dr. Kosins. What amazed her was that Dr. Kosins was still able to provide her with the kind of nose that she wanted after two previous botched rhinoplasty surgeries. Aside from fixing her nose, Dr. Kosins also helped her transform her previously oily skin with acne and rosacea.

Dr. Aaron Kosins himself says, “Despite being used to receiving positive reviews, we are still very pleased when we get them. We invite you to come see why rhinoplasty in Newport Beach offers you both the experience as well as the cutting edge techniques required to get the best aesthetic result. We appreciate your trust and take our relationship very seriously.”

What makes The Rhinoplasty Center in Newport Beach unique is that Dr. Kosins had chosen to specialize in rhinoplasty. Less than one percent of plastic surgeons actually choose to specialize in rhinoplasty, which means that while the average plastic surgeon in the US performs less than half a dozen rhinoplasty surgeries per year, the Newport Beach rhinoplasty center performs hundreds of such operations each year on patients from all over the world.

One amazing result of the decision to specialize in rhinoplasty was the development of a new technique known as piezosurgery, which Dr. Kosins describes as rhinoplasty without breaking bones. In fact, Dr. Kosins was one of the authors of an article titled, “The Role of Piezoelectric Instrumentation in Rhinoplasty Surgery,” published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in which they were able to conclude that the adoption of piezoelectric instrumentation is justified and offers the benefit of “more precise analysis and surgical execution with superior results in altering the osseocartilaginous vault”. What Dr. Kosins meant about not breaking bones is that before the use of piezoelectric methods, surgeons had to use mechanical instruments, such as saws, chisels, rasps, and osteotomes.

The Newport Beach rhinoplasty center offers four kinds of rhinoplasty procedures. These are primary rhinoplasty, secondary rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, and Persian/Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. Primary rhinoplasty is performed on a patient who never had an operation on his or her nose. Secondary rhinoplasty is also called revision rhinoplasty. Many challenging cases of complex secondary rhinoplasty are referred to The Rhinoplasty Center. These range from complex congenital deformities to post-traumatic crooked and twisted noses, to tertiary rhinoplasties because of several failed rhinoplasties by several surgeons.

Meanwhile, ethnic rhinoplasty has to do with patients who are not Caucasian. Certain populations including Asian, Latin, Middle Eastern, Indian, and African, can offer special challenges because of differences in skin oiliness, texture and quality. Furthermore, the tip cartilages can be flat or very weak and the patients usually have different objectives. And the Persian/Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is focused on the special needs of these communities because of the anatomical difference between the Middle Eastern nose and the Caucasian nose.

Dr. Aaron Kosins prides himself with being on the cutting edge of rhinoplasty and plastic surgery and being a rhinoplasty specialist. He has written various articles and lectured on the anatomy and treatment of the nasal bridge. One of his major contributions to rhinoplasty is the treatment of The Plunging Tip, which is a nose that plunges and gets wider when the person smiles. In 2015, Dr. Kosins and Dr. Rollin Daniel (now retired), published their work on piezoelectric surgery in rhinoplasty, which permits nontraumatic shaping of the nose.

Dr. Kosins graduated from the University of Southern California where he got a degree in Business Administration while completing his Pre-Med. After that, he obtained a dual Medical Degree (MD) and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of California Irvine School of Medicine and Paul Merage School of Business. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is currently a reviewer of the rhinoplasty section of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Rhinoplasty Society, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

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