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Press Release

BPI Sports Canada Opens New Dealer With Boss Supplements In Barrie

A popular Ontario, Canada based sports nutrition company has announced that they have a new partnership. The company recently announced that Boss Supplements Barrie is now offering their popular keto weight loss products for sale.

John Messenger, a representative for the Canadian company says, “We are pleased to have partnered with Boss Supplements to offer our amazing keto weight loss product. They know that this is a good product, one that is safe for users and provides the benefits that it claims. We could not be happier about this collaboration.”

Messenger states that the company’s product will assist users on the keto diet with weight loss and overall wellness. He states that it is the first product that provides the benefit of being an authentic ketogenic fat burner, designed to boost energy and endurance for those who use it. The product contains no glucose or sugar, instead relying on MCTs or medium chain triglycerides as well as BHB salts to provide energy for longer workouts and more fat burning potential.

The company recently announced the introduction of their keto product with a press release. Those who would like to learn more the product can visit their announcement, titled BPI Sports Canada Launches New Keto Weight Loss Product. The press announcement includes information about the company in general as well as specific information about the keto weight loss product and its benefits.

Messenger says that the product helps to burn fat as opposed to muscle as a source of fuel. This is due to the use of BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate salts instead of sugar or other forms of glucose. The company says that this ensures that users burn fat to lose weight while also saving the muscle mass that they want to build.

“Boss Supplements has added our keto weight loss and fat burning supplement to their list of products, as well as our popular keto bomb, which acts as a creamer for teas and coffees. It adds flavor without adding all of the carbohydrates that other creamers typically have,” says Messenger.

The company states that they fully expect their nutritional product partner to offer their full line of products, including any new products that they may release in the future. The sports nutrition and supply company states that they have recently partnered with a number of distributors for their products in an effort to reach more people and help them to reach their own weight loss or overall wellness goals.

BPI Sports Canada was initially founded on the understanding that in general, people want to improve themselves. Their list of products are all designed to help with this achievement. They recently launched a number of keto based products including creamer flavors in a number of choices to meet all personal preferences. The company states that they are pleased to be included in the inventory list for their recent nutritional store partner and says that they look forward to a long and lasting relationship. They state that they are regularly adding new vendors for their products and hope to soon have them on most of the shelves of nutritional stores around the world.

Products from the company include those that are suited for performance, as well as weight loss, workouts and added protein. The company states that they manufacture the safest and most effective products for their customers. These products currently include their ISO HD and Whey HD, as well as Nite Burn, Garcinia Plus Carnitine, Keto Weight Loss and various others.

Those who are interested in learning more can visit the company on their official website or contact them directly by email or phone. A wide list of their products is now offered on the official website for Boss Supplements, as well as other nutritional and sports product websites. Those who are interested in learning more about these products can visit any vendor that carries them or contact BPI Sports Canada to learn more.


For more information about BPI Sports, contact the company here:

BPI Sports
John Messenger
40 Ferris Drive North Bay, ON Canada

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