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Dependable Homebuyers Announces Short Sale Consultation Offering in Fort Myers, Florida

When it comes to something like a short sale for a home, sooner is always better than later. In other words, anyone strongly considering it must understand that now is the time to decide once and for all. A short sale should not be the first avenue explored. Homeowners who consider short sales should exhaust all other possibilities beforehand. The list includes refinancing, loan modifications, or even trying to sell the home for what is currently owed.

Homeowners behind on payments in Fort Myers FL would do well to consider a short sale. Dependable Homebuyers has been assisting homeowners in such a position for years. Their experience with Fort Myers real estate makes them the perfect choice for selling a home in the most straightforward fashion possible. The more one learns about short sales in Fort Myers, the easier it is to see as a viable option for getting a good price on a home struggling to be sold.

Short sales are real estate transactions that involve homeowners selling properties for less than whatever they may currently owe on the mortgage. This is done to avoid foreclosures or bankruptcies. This practice is fairly common in Fort Myers, but examples of homeowners selling a home through a short sale can be found all throughout the United States. On the other end of this deal, the lender must decide if they are willing to accept less than the amount currently on the mortgage. If they do accept, the loan will be forgiven. The homeowner can then move on to other things.

In the event that the foreclosure has already begun, it is crucial to get the short sale process moving quickly. The further along the foreclosure process goes, the more difficult it becomes for everyone involved. Furthermore, getting the ball rolling on a short sale in the present avoids the stress of additional mortgage payments. If nothing else, it doesn’t make sense to put money into something that will not provide any equity.

A short sale is still possible even if the lender has begun the foreclosure process. If they have received a Notice of Trustee Sale indication, they can still take advantage of a short sale. However, it is imperative for any Fort Myers FL homeowners in this position to start the short sale process at once. There is a difficult negotiation process that must occur during a short sale. Although this whole endeavor can move quickly, there still needs to be some time for negotiations to occur.

Simply put, time is of the essence. Dependable Homebuyers can help homeowners to navigate this vital, yet challenging option.

The length of time for a short sale can vary from one homeowner to the next. The lender, how long it takes to receive an offer, and the status of the homeowner (how many loans, are they behind on payments) will all play a role. Again, the more time a homeowner has, the easier and more successful everything is likely to be. Contact Dependable Homebuyers today for a free consultation. Homeowners in Fort Myers can learn about their services at


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers Fort Myers, contact the company here:

Dependable Homebuyers Fort Myers
Evan Roberts
(239) 232-3420
9540 Mariners Cove Ln, Fort Myers, FL 33919

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